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My Successful Online Marketing Strategy I Did Myself

I am going to aim this article at newcomers to online marketing, so if you are a professional, this may not be for you! I am the owner of a successful health blog that has sales generated every day by using a strategy I have tested and perfected for over 5 years. I am going to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Well, in my own words, SEO is the concept of getting Google search engine to notice your online website or blog and making it think you are really popular online, in turn this increases your rankings and position within the search for certain keywords and phrases. Lets say, for the purpose of this article, you are promoting a business consulting company. We want the keywords “Business consulting services” and “Hire a business consultant”, we want these to the top of the Google search for anyone looking for these services.

A lot of marketers know that once you reach high rankings with any keyword or phrase (so long as it has traffic going to it each month) you will get a decent amount of visitors to your website each day, on page 1 alone the traffic is 91.5% spread across all of those websites on page one, the higher you get the more traffic you will receive for example:

Position #1: Receives 32.5% of the traffic

Position #2: Receives 17.5% of the traffic

Position #3: Receives 11.5% of the traffic

The rest of the traffic is spread over the rest of the website’s on page one!

How Do I Get My Website Position Higher?

There are many factors to think about here and I will try to break them down really quickly or you. The first would be what’s called on-page SEO, this is the art of making your website “SEO Ready”. What this means is we need to edit the Meta tags for your website and also draft in the keywords we would like to rank for, not only this but we also need to switch up our content to include the targeted keywords. Google will pick up the description and meta tags and it instantly tells them what your website is about before the robots even read the content, if you included keywords within the content too this is a mega booster and bonus as it will solidify what you are going for. If you need more information you can search this up as the on-page SEO is so vast it simply cannot be covered within this article.

The Next Steps

This is where a lot of people fail and companies then turn to online marketing experts to cover this area for them! Many people just do not have the time to do this themselves, for blog owners such as myself, this is pretty simple and easy to do yourself.

What we are trying to achieve here is getting our website URL out there onto other websites and blogs. The reason we must do this step is because we want Google to notice our URL and content on other websites, the more Google sees us in other places the more popular we will become and the higher up the ranks we go! Here are just some ways to do this:

  • Blog Commenting – Leave a blog comment on someone else’s publication online, this allows you to have your URL as your chosen name when commenting. Make sure that the article is on your chosen niche and you are not spamming and actually contributing to the discussion.
  • Bookmarking – This is much like saving your favourite website in your browser, accept you are saving it on the web for all to see, such as Google
  • Guest Posting – Reaching out to other blog owners within the same niche who has the same interests and offering to write a fantastic article for them and their readers, you can leave a link back to your website within the biography. You can also offer up a swap and they write for your blog, so you also get some great content.
  • Link Directory – You can publish your link into link directories which hold thousands of links for many businesses and products, a lot of link directories have started to be niche based now so this is a bonus! Some directories do charge and some would like a link back. The most popular link directory is Dmoz.
  • Video Marketing – Create videos on your products or chosen niche and share them on places such as Youtube and other video sharing websites, not only will you be advertising your link you may create a viral video which will be shared for many years to come!
  • Product Review – If you are a business selling products, try giving some samples away for free to bloggers and ask them to write an honest review on their own blogs. This gives great advertisement and a solid review of your product which will remain online for a very long time!
  • Forum Marketing – If your niche is pretty wide like mine (health) you can register on forums that are very high in traffic and have your link in your signature, each time you post in that particular forum you gain a link back to your website and some exposure.


How Long Does It Take?

These are just some of the ways you can market out your website and have it ranked high in the searched by Google. This does take a lot of patience and will not happen overnight.

The entire success of this and the speed it will take depends upon the competition of the chosen keywords and phrases, for example our keyword “Hire a business consultant” has a competition of 20,000 other website’s going for the same keyword but say our “Business consulting services” has a competition of over 1 million. The first keyword will take no more than a couple of weeks/months depending how much work is put into it but the other keyword at 1 million competition will take a heck of a lot longer. This is where keyword research comes into it, I will be covering keyword research in a separate article so watch out for it!

All you need is persistence, do a little bit each day and the amount of links you get back will rise, in turn so will your ranks and position within the search engine. Once the top is in sight you will start to generate sales (depending upon your sales pitch in the content and call to action). Please leave any comments below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Article Name
My Successful Online Marketing Strategy I Did Myself
I applied this method to my website when I first started out in Marketing and it was successful, put in two hours a day for a couple of weeks and I started to hit top spots for my chosen keywords.

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I began business at just 16 years old when I opened my own Internet Advertising Agency, from there I ran it successfully until 23, where I decided to go a different route. I now spend my time sharing information and knowledge online with newbies to the industry.
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