The Thousand Yard View

How Is Your Business Doing?

I attended a sales conference last week with a large element of training. The guy who designed and run the training is quite exceptional at what he does. This may not be always the case as I am sure both you and I can probably attest. The setting was quite idyllic in a beautiful if relatively remote part of north west Wales. During our time there we had little or no phone coverage or internet access. I found it really restful and relaxing, it also allowed me to focus on the work at hand but also my current state of mind and efficacy at work.

I asked our trainer a question about an issue I was having with one of my accounts because I respect his opinion. He gave me a direct and honest answer, a simple one, I am afraid it was a Doh! moment. Me and Homer could be blood relatives! I realised pretty quickly a couple of things, he was dead right and I had been too close to the question. This was also compounded by my state of mind over the last few months. I have not been thinking on a day to day basis with real clarity. The underlying problem that has caused this has not been removed, but I am now clearly aware of the fact and can take action to deal with it.

This really got me thinking, stop sniggering at the back Miller, the people that share my written adventures with me, when was the last time that you had an opportunity to step back and take stock? If you can stop and take stock, are you too close to the question? You are all busy people, busy practices with a lot of day to day work to do and get done. This level of involvement does not really allow you to address your businesses strategic needs or direction. But it is this level of involvement that allows you to feed the family.

Independent hearing health Practices are under more intense pressure than ever before. It is at this time that you all need strategic direction and commercial strategy applied to your Practice. The questions that should be clear to you should be
Do I have the time to consider the strategic direction of my Practice?

Do I have time to consider proper application of commercial strategy in my

Do I have the expertise?

If you answer no to any of the above questions, you have just realised a powerful moment of self awareness. Just like I did, this is where we come to the crux of this post,

do not stick your head in the sand at this point, you now have powerful information, take action to deal with it.

So consider how you can address this issue, business development experts are available to you. They tend to cost money, but it can be money well invested. Alternatively, reach out to your friends, your network, possibly even your suppliers for input. It is important that you find someone impartial and honest, if your business systems are rubbish you need to be told that they are absolute pants. Only then can you begin to change, when you have the honest unvarnished truth.

So, maybe its time for the thousand yard view of your business, if you can not reasonably and honestly undertake it, get someone who will. Invest some cash in your business if needs be in order that you can continue in your business.


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About Geoffrey Cooling

my name is Geoffrey Cooling and I am the author here at Just Audiology Stuff. I have been involved in the Hearing Healthcare Profession for several years now. I initially worked as a Hearing Healthcare Professional for a large national retailer in Ireland.

After several years in Practice I was approached to work for a manufacturer, where I was employed for five years. I am now the Co Founder of a business called Audiology Engine. We design websites, undertake content marketing and generally look after everything digital for audiological practices. I am also a contributor to many hearing profession periodicals and websites.

I have written two commercially available books, The Little Book of Hearing Aids which is written for hearing aid consumers and Audiology Marketing in a Digital World which is written for Audiology Practice Owners. They are both available in Paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. I also write for consumers on the website Hearing Aid Know, which is a website with the mission of demystifying hearing aids, their types and their technology.

I have a great interest in commercial strategy as it applies to Healthcare in general and specifically to Hearing Healthcare. I also have a great interest in the psychology of sales and human interaction. I have been involved with social media for some time, both personally and professionally. I find the engagement and discourse on some social media channels fascinating.

I instituted social media strategy for the company I worked for as an experiment. That experiment soon spread throughout the company and I am proud to say that the company is probably one of the most active in the industry. I would like to point out that all views, opinions and thoughts here are mine own. Unless of course they have been planted by the pod people, you just can’t take your eyes off the pod people. Those views do not necessarily reflect upon any views or opinions held by my employer, if I ever get another one.

I think that our industry is in the middle of a time of huge change, I think that the change will be forced by both internal and external pressure. I think that private Independent Healthcare Practices will have to be smart and lithe of feet in order to meet these changes. I hope that some of my blatherings are of benefit to those Practices, Independent Hearing Healthcare Practices need to survive. I believe that if that occurs it will be of real benefit to Patients.

I hope that I, and my writings will play a small part in their continued success.

Let me know what you think