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This page is purely for demonstration purposes, I am making no offer available

Invisible Hearing Aids In (insert area here)

Invisible Hearing Aids, Fantastic Intro Offer


New Widex Invisible Hearing AidThe Big News Is Small

The New Widex IIC

The Best News Of All

Buy One Get One Free

Widex, famous for quality and innovation, have introduced its new Invisible hearing aid “The IIC”. Despite its small size, the IIC comes with outstanding Widex technology. It benefits from the Widex Sound – natural sound that doesn’t just help users hear speech or loud sounds, but all the sounds around them.

As an introductory offer on this amazing invisible hearing aid we are offering a buy one get one free offer until August 31st. So Subject to a free Consultation you may be able to avail of this offer.

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Don’t forget, offer closes August 31st

This page is purely for demonstration purposes, I am making no offer available

Okay lets look at what I have done here, I have taken freely available marketing material and used it to set up an offer page for my theoretical website. I want to explain how I would set up all of the elements. The initial header is supposed to be the page title, that is the url link to the page. So if I had set it up properly it would be hearing aids in. I have titled the page in this way for the SEO Value. If I had entered the area as Dublin, it would have meant that everytime somebody searched for either invisible hearing aids or hearing aids in Dublin, this page would have ranked.

When I introduced the IIC picture I would have alt texted it Invisible Hearing Aids, again for SEO value. I also would have linked that picture back to an about the IIC page that I would have set up on my site. So if somebody clicked it, I would have retained them on my site and got another shot at converting them.

The offer in this case is a buy one get one free, but it can be anything that you choose. The tag line of the offer just fits well with Widex’ own marketing. In the body of the text I have made sure to mention invisible hearing aid on several occassions. Again done for the SEO value.

At the end I have introduced a call to action button and included some urgency with a closing date. In my theoretical site that call to action button would be linked to a contact form. The urgency and the big red button would hopefully help to convert people who land on this page.

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