7 Tips To Move Your Health Practice Forward, Commercial Strategies In Hearing Healthcare.

Things That You Can Do Right Now To Make This A Better Year.


1. Don’t wait for ‘it’ to just get better – It won’t

Don’t wait for it to get better, it won’t, not without some smart thinking and some hard work. Do not keep doing the same thing day after day and expect different results. That is the definition of stupidity. Businesses across the world are closing every day because they carried on doing what they always did and just prayed it would get better.

If you want it to get better, you have to make it get better!


2. Look strongly at your time management

We are all prevaricators, unfortunately it is part of the human condition, in business it can be fatal. Start managing your time more effectively, so you don’t waste major time doing minor things.  Delegate whenever possible.  Make it a habit throughout the day to ask yourself; “is this the best use of my time right now?”  If the answer is no, go and do whatever it is you were just avoiding. In order to manage your time effectively, you also need to be able to make good decisions on priorities.

Identify the priorities in your business, the ones that if not immediately addressed may cause harm to your business success.


3. Spend more time learning

Give yourself one hour every night where you research and learn new business practices, thought leadership on your industry. Learn the most modern thought on Practice Management, study the latest thought on marketing strategy. It does not matter what you learn or study exactly, once it is a subject that you can then bring to bear to make your Practice better.

4. Set strong business goals

A miraculous change in your business fortunes is not just going to happen because you have decided to make it so. You need to set clear goals and a step by step strategy to meet those goals. Deciding you are going to increase sales by 25% is not enough, now you have to sit down, set out the strategy to meet that goal and clearly communicate it to everybody within your Practice.


5. Take real care of your commercial image

What does your business look like? People do business with people and organizations that they trust. People only recommend people and organizations that they trust.  If a business looks like it’s being run on a shoe string, people are less inclined to use it. This is particularly pertinent in our profession, people purchase from us on trust. Do you think your Practice is deployed to gain trust?

A lot of of people research a potential provider of services online, long before they decide to do business with them. If you as a business operate an outdated website consider the image that’s creating in the mind of potential Patients.


6. Develop your own unique voice

This is extremely important in our profession, you need to differentiate your practice. Whilst I accept that this is not necessarily an easy thing to do, it is possible. look at your competitors, decide the strategy you wish to follow and ensure the deployment of that strategy brings hard differentiators to your Practice.


7. Measure it so you can manage it

KPIs, KPIs, KPIs. You can not manage your practice effectively unless you have clear measurements of success. This does not just include average selling price, binaural rate, unit volume, test no sales, return sales. It should also include bringing metrics to your service delivery, to your marketing endeavors, in fact to every facet of your Practice.

You can not truly know if a strategy is working unless there are clear measurements, if you do not know it is not working, how can you change it?


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