A New Home Earwax Removal Tool

I had an interesting conversation with the team at Earways Medical recently. They are the guys that make that little corkscrew-like tool for professional earwax removal in the clinic. I have used the EarWay Pro several times and I discussed the device in an article last year called EarWay Pro, A Great Tool For Ear Wax Removal. The original device which you can see below was a very handy little tool for use in the clinic. With the right wax plug, it cleared the ear in seconds. They have now introduced a new tool for home earwax removal

A New Tool For Home Earwax Removal

Earways Medical home ear wax removal tool
Earways Medical Home Care

The team realised that the current crisis meant limited face to face appointments. Which means that people with earwax problems aren’t able to have it solved. They have come up with a new tool that can be used by consumers at home to help alleviate an earwax blockage. They have designed it to be completely safe and during testing, they have found it very effective. The initial design was found to be too rigid in construction, so they have gone back to the drawing board and given more flexibility in the neck of tool so it moves through the ear canal in a better way.

They have designed the new tool with complete safety in mind, the handle is held to the ear canal and then you roll the business end into the canal. As the tool enters the canal, it opens and captures the earwax plug. If the plug is the right consistency, it grabs it and extracts it in one solid lump. The tool can not go further into the canal then is safe.

The set comes with the handle and four tools, at the moment, they are all the medium size tool which is the right size more or less for most people. In essence, the set is good for four home earwax removals. I am not sure of the pricing, either wholesale or retail at present, but Earways were talking about a retail price of perhaps £50 which seems like pretty good value for four procedures. There will obviously be a mark-up in there and you could add post and packaging.

A Triage Solution?

It got me thinking, at the minute many of us are moving towards face to face appointments for earwax removal. I think it is clear to us all that those appointments are onerous, involving a lot of measures to keep both ourselves and our customers safe. Could this tool fit within our processes as a triage measure? Might we sell the tool as a first measure, before moving towards a face to face appointment?

If we did so, it might mean that we can increase the number of people we serve while keeping face to face appointments at a manageable level. If you are interested, you can contact the Earways team at http://earwaysmedical.com/contact/

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