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Developing Your Business With The Widex Best Practice Programme


Widex Best PracticeAs I said in the last article, Widex UK decided that it would introduce programmes that provided real value to its customers and those programmes had to be based on what our customers needed. They had to deliver real value and be differentiated from what was on offer elsewhere. The second programme that Widex UK has introduced to support their Independent Hearing Healthcare Customers is the Widex Best Practice Programme. The Best Practice Programme was designed and instituted to offer concrete assistance to Independent practitioners in their business. There are three modules in the programme, Business Development, Audiology Development and a Marketing Toolbox. The idea is that support and development can be offered to cover every facet of business, every need of an independent hearing healthcare Practice. As I have said, Widex would like to be your Partner in business, not your supplier.

Your Partner, Not Just Your Supplier

Because Your Success Is Our Success 

The programme has also developed over time according to the demands and requirements of the Widex customer base. The programme was initially developed as a result of feedback from customers. Widex are also now undertaking a review on a much larger scale, requesting further information from independents through an online survey so that the programme can be even more specific to client needs.Each module is an in depth offering in its own right, covering a large amount of topics and services.
Each module can be supplied separately or in a combined manner. It is a customisable service that can be designed and deployed to suit the needs of individual businesses and their owners. This programme is open to all customers of Widex UK, however, unlike the Approved Dispensing Centre Programme there are business related terms and conditions. In order to have access to this programme, there needs to be a couple of things in place,

  • Widex UK must be a core supplier of the Practice
  • The Practice must be part of the Widex Approved Dispensing Centre Programme
  • The Practice must be willing to invest in marketing activities independently to help drive the business

The initial process for joining the programme is as follows:

If you aren’t a member of the Approved Dispensing Centre you need to work through the Approved Dispensing Centre guidelines with your TSM to confirm that you meet the standards or discuss ways in which you can work to achieve the standards.

For Audiology & Business Development Support:

The process has changed organically over time. Initial conversations commence with the TSM and Widex management team. We will then consider what the needs and requirements of the business could be. We will then offer the opportunity for an external consultant with expertise in specific areas, to meet with the business to discuss needs and to undertake a short review. As a result of this meeting, a proposal will be submitted on how to improve a specific area of the business or to undertake a specific project to achieve the desired objectives. Depending on scope and resources, Widex and the customer will come to an agreement on how the work will be conducted and what level of investment would be required from both parties.

For Marketing Support:

If you meet Approved Dispensing Centre Guidelines and are a regular Widex supplier, you are entitled to use the Widex Campaign templates.

For additional financial support towards campaigns, discuss sales forecast with TSM & Marketing Manager to establish how much Widex UK can commit.


Widex Business Development

The Business Development module covers a wide range of subjects, our appointed consultants will undertake an initial business review and collaborate with you to determine which area of your business requires specific focus and where you will reap most benefit. In this way we can help deliver what the business needs for development and growth.  The topics covered and support offered are quite exhaustive and cover every element of commercial strategy within hearing healthcare. The topics covered, based on the initial assessment,  could include:

  • Consultative Sales Training
  • Current business evaluation
  • Business dynamics & modelling
  • Corporate intelligence
  • New markets, products & services
  • Customer & channels management
  • Sales leads generation
  • Mergers, acquisitions & disposals
  • Change management and mentoring
  • Exit planning & implementation
  • Organisational structuring


Widex Audiology Development

The audiological module is designed to assess current audiological practices and offer training and support if and where it is needed. Widex has partnered with Audiology consultant, Audiological Ltd, to deliver the elements of this module. Audiological Ltd will work with dispensers to identify Audiological improvements that may be made within the business and to put recommendations in place. An initial review will take place to establish the main focus of the advice training and support . In this way we can focus on areas that matter to the Practice, areas that will give real returns. Projects conducted to date have been varied and flexible, examples of which could be:

  • Clinical audit & review
  • Provision of audiology toolbox
  • Peer reviews for Audiology staff
  • Design & implementation of CPD programmes
  • Templates for clinical process documentation
  • Recommendations for hardware & software

Widex Marketing Toolbox

The Widex Marketing Toolbox has been developed specifically for dispensers to communicate effectively to their current and prospective clients. The toolbox contains pre-prepared campaigns developed specifically to promote products to new potential customers, product related campaigns to promote to existing customers and existing wearers, examples of Bespoke Campaigns used to develop the business brand locally and Open Day Support. Campaign templates are open to anyone in the Approved Dispensing Centre Programme.

A typical campaign will be based on corporate marketing collateral and includes templates for the following;

  • Direct mail campaigns to consumers and professionals
  • Advertising templates – can be resized and adapted to suit your requirements
  • Literature for use in practice or direct mail
  • POS and practice displays
  • Alternative direct mail collateral such as product dummies
  • Image files for use on your website and other electronic media.

However we are aware that there will always be a requirement for bespoke campaigns that promote your business brand, locally. With this in mind we will offer more bespoke campaigns built around your Practice and your Brand. Bespoke campaigns can include the following:

  • Newsletters
  • Call to Action direct mail
  • Local Advertising
  • Preparing Editorial
  • On-line presence (website & social media)

Open Day Support offered would include the following collateral;

  • Direct mail campaigns to consumers and professionals
  • Advertising templates – can be resized and adapted to suit your requirements
  • Literature for use in practice or direct mail
  • POS and practice displays
  • Alternative direct mail collateral such as product dummies
  • Image files for use on your website and other electronic media.

I think you will agree that a great deal of thought has been put into this programme. It has been designed from the ground up to offer real support to our customers. To bring real value to a partnership with Widex in your business. Access does involve a commitment from your Practice, however in return we will offer our commitment to you. Our commitment that we will offer real assistance, real support, in order that your Practice will thrive. Because your success is our success.



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