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Ongoing Results From A Recent Content Marketing Experiment

By Geoffrey Cooling

I have been quiet of late because I have been involved in an experiment with content marketing for two of my customers. Basically each of the customers had differing targeted outcomes. One wished to rank on a local search for a particular service and a particular website.

The other has world domination in mind, they want to rank for as many of the local keyword searches as possible. In the first case I set up a blog for the customer and began strategic content posting designed and SEOd to drive both his sites up the local SERPs.

Within a week of writing and posting varied content and undertaking some social media work around that content, we had got mentions of the brand and the content on the first page of the SERPs. I plan to undertake some more work pertaining to this in order that the customer appears several times on the first page of the SERPs.

This was  and will be made possible by some smart SEO work targeting localised or long tail key phrases and the production of relatively decent content. The ongoing measure of success at this stage is simply the SERP results. The search term is not a massively used search. So we will watch the blog stats and the click through rates to the websites over time.

The second customer has an active online presence, they also had an existing blog. Initially the idea was to drive a particular offer to accompany a TV advert. But when I got into it, we agreed that we would change his strategy somewhat. We have performed some SEO on some of his existing posts and written new content with some set SEO principles.

His blog has increased in views, but more importantly at this time, he has begun to appear on page one search returns for more and more of those keyword phrases we were looking to target. We have set out keyword phrases that he is not appearing for and we have begun to target those with designed content.

He also is seeing some good traffic from his blog to his site, more importantly because of the SEO work, returns including his site have increased. His sites authority in Google’s eyes has also increased. This has led to a modest increase in conversions from his site. We hope with the new planned strategy we can increase that exponentially.

So in both cases, the experiment has given us the results that we required. We also hope to build on those results and target new ones. It has also been fun for me, I get to put my money where my mouth is. A bit of a daunting task really, you know it should work, but seeing it is always a great relief.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress, what I would say to you though would be this. It works, you need a strategy and you need targets to measure by. If you do it right it will deliver to you that which you wish.



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