Controlling The Testing & Fitting Workflow

I have been working with Auditdata’s Primus team recently, trying out their new Primus update. In this update, they have focused on what they call workflow support. In essence, it allows you to design the workflow of testing processes that you can use at different appointments. More than that, it also documents compliance with those workflows.

Primus system with workflow support
Primus Workflow Support

Big data and the customer journey

Business Analytics where you need them
Business Analytics From Auditdata

Modern retail audiology is all about understanding and providing the very best customer journey. To design and test those journeys, we need the best possible data. While the standard data sets available to retail audiology provide us with good information. We have always had a blindspot once the clinic door is closed.

Auditdata is committed to providing the missing data that we need to understand the effects of processes within the customer journey. They are also committed to ensuring that you can design those processes and easily ensure that they are being followed across your organisation.

Controlling the processes

The Primus team have designed a new feature that allows central control of the workflow in the clinic. The workflow support system guides clinicians through the necessary testing and fitting processes in a step by step manner.

The system allows the processes for each type of patient visit to be set centrally. It means that the business can define testing and fitting protocols to be used at each step of the Patient journey. Then they can simply push those workflows out across their network of Primus devices.

Data on compliance

The new workflow support tool will also provide data in relation to process compliance. Primus systems allow the capture of use data in an in-depth manner which can be viewed in the accompanying business analytics system. It means that compliance with testing protocols and company workflows is both clearly documented and visible at a glance.

The workflow system acts as a support tool and does not lock the clinician into an arbitrary testing protocol. If for some reason the clinician needs to vary from the workflow, they can do so easily. However, the system will ask them to enter a reason for the variance. This ensures that clinicians have the freedom to react to local situations but also ensures that the reason for the variance is documented.

The new system will offer Enterprise-level organisations the ability to easily define best practice testing and fitting workflows. It will also provide clear data on compliance with those processes and clearly document them where there are regulatory needs. More than that though, for the first time, it will give clear reliable data on the effect of testing and fitting processes on the customer journey and the bottom line.

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