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Leveraging CRM Functionality As A Commercial Strategy In Healthcare

I have been quiet of late because I have started to research some of the commercial CRMs (Customer Relation Managers) that are designed for our sector. I hope to post reviews of each one over the following weeks here. I believe that a good CRM with strong, comprehensive search facilities and mail marketing functionality is imperative to the on-going success of a Practice.

These facilities assist with your Patient retention strategies and your on-going re-purchase figures. Marketing to existing Patients has a far superior return on investment rate. The on-going engagement through a properly structured and automated Patient journey also boosts Patient referral business. I have said more than once that your existing Patient is your cheapest marketing channel.

Acquiring a new Patient from traditional advertising has become one of the costliest ventures you will undertake. There is a strong move towards new media channels and I support that fully, however they are un-tried to a certain extent, particularly the social media elements. I plan to discuss that in a later post, before you invest in any marketing channel, you should set out strategies and procedures to leverage your best and cheapest marketing channel. Your Patient! The easiest way to do this is to acquire a good CRM that suits your needs.

So follow me on the journey through CRM land over the next few weeks and if you have any suggestions or if in fact you are using what you think is the best CRM ever invented, drop me a line.



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