Don’t Forget Your People

The happiness of your staff is key to your success

In the organised chaos that is running a Practice, it is easy to miss or forget things. There is always so much going on, chart notes to be written, orders to chase, invoices to match, checks to write etc. As the expression goes, busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. Believe me I feel your pain. 

Sometimes because we are so busy we forget to take notice of our staff. I have written here before that I think the right staff are key to our success. I know that you know that this is true. The right staff will makes sure your customer comes back for more. The right staff will be innovative and go that extra mile. The right staff are committed to the success of the Practice through pride and loyalty.

However among that insanity that is Practice ownership or management , we can forget these simple facts. It is an imperative for you to remember, not just to remember but also to recognise. Everyone needs recognition for their actions, I mean everyone. The highly motivated person who is going above and beyond needs recognition more. The best of staff are the highly motivated ones, they will drive themselves and the Practice to greater heights. 

It would be a shame to lose them because they came to believe that you treated their contribution with apathy or worse ingratitude. The old saying that you don’t know what you have got until its gone is very true. I keep telling my children to leave so I can miss them more. They unfortunately do not take the bait. You really really do not want the best of your staff to do so.

Even if money is tight, there are inexpensive ways to reward people. A paid days leave is a nice gift, provide lunch once in a while as a thank you. A voucher for a local store on their birthday or at christmas. Hell even a simple card on their birthday and some cake will go a hell of a long way. Just sitting them down and telling them that they rock and you are grateful that they do, costs nothing.    

You need these people and their skills at your side, never forget that. So remember them and their contribution regularly, thank them, recognise their contribution. Whilst pay is a motivator for these type of people, recognition is usually a stronger motivator. So recognise them already. 



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