Earwax Removal As An Audiology Marketing Strategy?

Earwax Removal In Belfast And Why It Might Matter To You


In the post multiple sites, I talked about one of my customers and how he had deployed a separate site for earwax removal. I want to go through in more detail what he has done and why it might matter to you. First some background,  Lyndsay Gillespie is a well known member of the hearing healthcare community in the United Kingdom. His Practice is on the Lisburn Road in Belfast, an upmarket inner suburb of Belfast City, Northern Ireland.

Lyndsay has deployed a boutique type Practice, the Practice is a combined Optical and Hearing Healthcare Practice. The Practice is deployed in a sophisticated upmarket manner and Lyndsay is very aware of his branding. He has ensured that this branding is deployed across every element of his Practice. From Decor to stationary, you feel the brand and the luxury and sophistication it stands for. However, even though he has gone for this upmarket feel, his pricing offers real value.

The introductory picture above is of the ear wax removal site that Lyndsay has deployed. He began to offer this service last year because it became increasingly hard to find medical centres to offer the service. He also felt that the service gave real depth to his offerings as a healthcare professional in the Belfast area.  It also kept his Patients in his Practice, something that can be of real import in these competitive times. He also realised that he could leverage that service as part of his audiology marketing strategy.

He deployed the earwax gone site as a website to support his earwax removal service. He also deployed it in order that he could use it to support his primary Practice website. He saw an opportunity to bolster his audiology marketing strategy and decided to take it. In the deployment of the site he ensured that his brand was extended across both sites. Below is a picture and link to his main site,


As you can see, he has continued the Optique brand feel across both websites. I really believe that this is of great import, I believe that your conceptual brand should be greatly cared for. As does Lyndsay, he has ensured that the ear wax removal site is well deployed, simple and well linked to his Practice site. All of these efforts pay dividends in his audiology marketing strategy. It supports his online strategy, driving traffic both to his service site and his main Practice site. It also rounds out or adds depth to his Practice as a premium hearing healthcare Practice.

So, do you think that earwax removal in Belfast matters to you?



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