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I have been working very closely with the Auditdata team over the last couple of months testing and assessing their systems. I believe that their latest offering can finally resolve the consultation process compliance issue across enterprise level organisations. I also think that it solves many different problems for any large organisation such as:

  • Clinical Compliance Documentation
  • Clinical Auditing
  • Audiometer Calibration Management
  • Asset Tracking 
  • Consultation Process Compliance Management
  • A Better Understanding of Impact of Consultation Process
  • Easier Consultation Process Experimentation

Let me explain why I think that is so, and why the combination of Primus and Primus Business Analytics offers massive benefits to any enterprise-level Audiology business.

Enterprise Problems

As a business scales, so does its problems, that is a truism. Within some business locations there needs to be documented clinical compliance for billing or under regulation. Just that function alone can take human resources and time. When an organisation needs to undertake that documentation for anything over ten employees, you need to commit a full-time asset to the function.

Clinical Auditing of employees is required at any business level to ensure delivery of best practice care. At an enterprise level business with a thousand employees in seven hundred locations, this becomes a nightmare of monstrous proportions. The same can be said for asset management as a financial function and audiometer calibration management as a clinical function.

Commercial Management

Commercial management within Audiology is a field that has grown alongside National and Multi-National businesses. Most large Audiology businesses base their assessment of ongoing business health and employee efficacy on key performance indicators (KPIs). While most companies base many of their KPIs on typical financial elements, those figures never tell the entire story.

Consultation Process & Conversion

Many of the large businesses try to ensure that lessons learnt from their rockstar performers are pushed out across the business. They also integrate knowledge from other industries with internally recognised best practices to continuously update and test their consultation process for efficacy and conversion. Most organisations would assess these experiments on typical KPIs for effect.

Behind The Clinic Room Door

The real issue at the core of this experimentation is that once the employee closes the clinic door, the actual compliance to a set process is unclear at best.

Therefore, wider adoption of a consultation process across the organisation may not be as effective as believed, because the employees may not be adopting it. Alternatively, they may not be utilising the process in the same manner that has been proven to lift conversion.

Delivering Enterprise Solutions

Primus and Primus business analytics offers meaningful solutions to all of these problems. Primus Business Analytics, when combined with Primus Audiometer systems, provide simple report dashboards that can be designed to deliver all of the information that enterprise level businesses need for each management function.

Clinical Management

When your clinical management team need clinical compliance documentation, directly call it up in the dash. If your clinical management team wish to undertake clinical auditing of a thousand staff members over the last month? Just run the sub-routine and get the results. Even better, automate the sub-routine to flag up problems.

Operations Management

For Operations and Financial staff, Primus Business Analytics allows them to understand implicitly where the assets are, how old they are and what is their calibration state. 

The Primus calibration in the plug and easy transducer swap out system ensures that audiometers never need to be sent for calibration, so there is no downtime or a need to keep and store backup audiometers.

Commercial Management

For your commercial management staff, Primus and Primus Business Analytics deliver real power. The system allows a clear understanding of the processes undertaken by every one of your employees.

The system allows your commercial management team to understand what goes on behind the closed door of the clinic room. That visibility will enable your organisation to assess and ensure process compliance across an organisation no matter how big.

It also ensures that you can quickly and thoroughly assess experimentation with the consultation process with confidence. You can make commercial decisions more effectively with hard data delivered by Primus Business Analytics.

About Geoffrey Cooling

Geoffrey Cooling is an Irish hearing care blogger and the author of The Little Book of Hearing Aids and Audiology Marketing in a Digital World. He has been involved in the Hearing Healthcare Profession since 2007 when he qualified as a hearing aid audiologist. He has worked in private practice and for a major hearing aid manufacturer. He has become recognised as an authority within the field of hearing care and hearing aids.


  1. How have you found the efficiency of actually doing the annual calibration? From my experience Auditdata are not prepared in providing the transfucers in a timely manner. We started in March of 26 primus kit a mixture of HIT and audiometers and still have not completed the exchange. When chasing the items we get informed sorry short staffed at present due to holidays but had that excuse at easter and last week

    • They have put new systems in place to manage the exchange and they are beginning this month. They are also looking at an internal asset management system to send out reminders in due course. It will better allow them to manage internally as well as help external customers. They should just send you the transducer replacements and you send in yours on receipt. The HIT box is a different animal however. Have you received new transducers?

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