Excellent Second Quarter BHAMA results in the UK


Following a a relatively slow start to sales in January to March 2013, the second quarter sales figures have certainly excelled. Sales to the NHS increased by an astonishing 41.3% during April, May and June 2013 compared to 12 months previously. For the first time sales reached 348,251 units sold to hospitals.

The private sector also had a positive quarter, with sales increasing by 6.3% over the previous year, made up of an 8% increase in BTEs and a 4% increase in ITEs. RIC sales continue to increase, with more than 26,000 RIC Units sold between April and June. This despite the feeling within the private sector that things are slightly pressured.

Total sales from manufacturers reached 405,043 for the quarter, an increase of 35% on the previous year.

At the half year point, Private sales are up by 2.8% and Public by 23.2% with RIC devices up 12.1% and now a formidable 46% of sales. Sales of hearing instruments to hospitals during January, February and March had increased by 5.9%, with 271,577 instruments purchased in total. The previous year though had seen an impressive 24.8% increase. Total sales from manufacturers hit 326,624 for the first quarter, an increase of 4.8% on the previous year.

So for the first half of this year we have seen a modest increase in private hearing aid sales and double digit growth in the public sector. It would be interesting to try and ascertain what is driving that growth. I wonder is AQP having an impact?



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