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In the last couple of posts we have explored issues that are forefront in the States really. This issues have not really gained impetus in the general European market. However, we have to accept that they may well in the near future. I have corresponded with several hearing instrument users in Europe who are unhappy with the status quo.

Admittedly they are younger tech savvy individuals, not quite our usual demographic. For that reason they are important, They are the leading edge of the wave of the future. They are representative of the customer of the future. Probably the near mid term future, but nonetheless it is important that we understand them now.

They are the consumer that will shape the future of the marketplace and will therefore have a direct impact on our profession. I will be asking one or two of them to guest post here. I am particularly interested in their views on the current situation and their wants and needs. I think we should all be interested.

Hopefully we can then begin a discourse based on how we fit into their plans. Because that is what we will need to do, these people will set the terms of engagement for our profession in the future. In most cases in Europe, like America, our position is protected in some way through legislation. That however is not future proof.

The evolution of technology aligned with the pressures of smart younger advocates such as these may well bring sweeping changes. I hope you agree with me and indeed take the opportunity to engage openly with these people when they post.



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