Fired For Facebook, The Danger To Your Professional Reputation

Social Media Use Can Be Dangerous, But That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Engage


Unless you purposely live under a rock and never engage with any public events or companies you really can’t stop some information about you appearing on the web. However you can to a certain extent control and shape the overall brand that is you on the web. Most important is that you are careful what you post on social network sites, what you post is quite freely available for perusal. Recruiters currently include in-depth online searches when assessing candidates for a position. In my last post I discussed the change in the decision purchase process, in essence you need to think of potential Patients as recruiters assessing a candidate. So the information about you online is important, anything that you say online is exceptionally important. Because it frames the way people think of you. I will leave you with an Infographic it is fired by facebook which appeared on online paralegals programs by Aria Cahill.



Source: Online Paralegal Programs

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  1. Thank you for sharing! What an important post to keep us cognizant about what we post. I think it’s important to be smart about *WHEN* posts are made. Unless the employee’s job involves social media, posting during work hours on social media does not reflect well on anyone. It makes the employee look unproductive and it makes the employer look like he or she can’t effectively manage.

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