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Auditdata Introduced Interesting New Feature

A recent article from Auditdata, the makers of Strato, on GDPR and permissions caught my eye recently. They have introduced a brand new feature within Strato that allows you to gain and store permissions for data use within the system.

GDPR Permissions manager in Strato

Generic and Customisable

The feature offers pretty standard generic permission statements that cover much of our needs in private practice. However, it also allows you to customise permission statements for any individual needs that you have in your business. 

Again, the customised permissions are stored within the Strato system which means that you can filter or search customers with those permissions in mind. It should mean that you never undertake an action within Strato that a customer has not given implicit permission for. 

Therefore, if you use the system correctly, you should never send a marketing communication to any customer that does not want to receive it. I think that has to be seen as a small gift, to say the least.

What really impressed me though was the fact that the permissions feature could be used to generate physical consent forms that could be used within the Practice

Assisting You With Your Processes

In this way, the Strato system assists you with your offline processes as well. The consent form can be printed and permission for activities collected. Then it is as simple as ticking the consent form boxes within the system. 

I think it is also a good idea to ensure that you scan the form and add it to the customer record, then you never need to worry about a record of consent. I really like features like this, it shows that a company has really considered what a user may need to make their life easier. 

I have been playing with Strato for a while now and I hope to be able to get a few articles together in relation to the use of the system and the features. Overall I find the system really good and the integration with Noah is outstanding, but I will talk about that at another time. 

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