Healthcare marketing, Branding, one defines the other?

Your brand and why every facet of your Practice is part of your healthcare marketing strategy

By Geoffrey Cooling

I read a really excellent article about defining brand recently by a guy named Shep Hyken. Like myself he is convinced that your customers set the definition of your brand. He asked the question, “What do you want to be known for?  If there were one word or short phrase you wanted to be known for, what would it be?” In essence that word is what you should strive to engender in your Patient’s perception.

Your understanding of brand and how it effects your Practice is imperative. You really need to believe strategies generating brand cover every part of your Practice. Brand is a consummate part of your healthcare marketing. You also need to understand that every facet of your Practice should be viewed through the marketing prism. In effect every part of your Practice from how the phone is answered through how problem Patients are handled is both part of your brand and your healthcare marketing strategy.

When you believe the importance of these concepts you can then set about applying strategies to your Practice to cater to them. It is imperative that you understand these concepts for the survival of your business. In short, your brand is what your Patient says about you. Or in the words of Shep Hyken;

“Before going any further, you must keep in mind that you can’t really create your brand.  The customer, be it internal (someone you work with) or external (someone you do business with) determines what your brand is.  Their perception is their reality.”

Shep Hyken

If you truly understand that, it is easy to see why I consider every facet of your Practice as part of your healthcare marketing strategy. Perhaps you should too.



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