Healthcare Marketing Strategy, More Recent Social Media Stats

Newest Social Media Demographic Research That May Factor In Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

By Geoffrey Cooling

Our friends at Pew have released some updated statistics in relation to demographic use of social networks. The research is as of August 2012 and I think it is important for factoring into your healthcare marketing strategy.

The research shows that social network use in our primary demographic has risen yet again. In the 65+ demographic, usage has risen to 38%. It also shows a rise to 57% of the 50 to 64 year old demographic. Who I tend to view as our prospective Patients.

Finally in the 30 to 49 year old demographic we are at 73% usage. As I have said before, this demographic are the sons and daughters of our demographic. Research also indicates, as discussed in Reach 70 Million People. That this demographic may well be undertaking searches for information online for our demographic.

Further details and breakdowns will become available over the course of the next few weeks. I will of course bore you to tears with them as they become available. Again I think the figures show an increasing need to broaden your healthcare marketing strategy. Social media as part of your overall healthcare marketing strategy seems to be gaining in importance. The important figures to us are as follows.

38% of your Patient demographic have a social network profile Tweet this

57% of your long term prospect demographic have a social network profile Tweet this

73% of the children of your Patient demographic have a social network profile Tweet this

Do you want to be completely freaked out?

There are 17,500,000 profile owners on Facebook between the UK and the US aged 65 plus Tweet this

5, 533,680  65years + people use mobile devices to access Facebook Tweet this

2,331,180 65years + use Android OS devices to access Facebook Tweet this

3,555,160 65years + use Apple products to access Facebook

So, you still think your Patients aren’t online?

I think that the stats speak for themselves, again, social media is not a silver bullet. But it can support your online healthcare marketing channels. Therefore It is or should be a part of your healthcare marketing strategy.



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