Increasing Your Audiology Marketing Leads With Good Copy

Writing copy for your audiology marketing that produces results

Designing visuals, constructing adverts and writing copy for our audiology marketing activities is just another of my weekly chores. I have learnt a lot very quickly from both doing it and having some constructive criticism around it. It is a skill we all need to learn and understand if we are to increase return on investment on our marketing activities.

The first thing that you need to learn and understand is that if you want to catch someone’s attention. The advert, website, letter needs to be about them, not you. Let me explain that, if you want to catch someone’s attention, the headline you use has to have relevance to them. Not just the headline, all of the copy needs to be relevant to them.

Yes we can talk about ourselves but only pertaining to how what we do is relevant to them. My first attempt at this has appeared on the Celtic Hearing website home page in recent days. The copy is as follows;

Sick Of Saying What? Problems Hearing In Noise?

Frustrated because everyone is mumbling? Tired of arguments over the TV volume? All of these are typical symptoms of hearing loss. Don’t live with the frustration, don’t keep wondering. We will show you what’s wrong and how to treat it. Our experts have helped over a thousand people just like You.

So why don’t you come by for an assessment? It will only take an hour, we can find the causes and discuss any options that will make your life better. Because that is how life should be. You and Your family deserve it.

Because Life is too important not to live it

I have thought out carefully the above copy and laid it out in a specific way with some specific typography. The headlines are all about the Patients, their problems. In this way we can both grab their attention and display understanding of those issues. We then move on to some qualification of those problems and their probable causes.

Next up is the offer of a possible solution qualified by our expertise. Then is an attempt to build desire and emotional investment to acquire that solution. The copy is short and direct, easy to read and understand with a clear call to action at the bottom. If it hooks them, they know what to do, call that number.

So in synopsis, grab their attention, build their interest, build desire and then make them take action. The most important thing is relevance, relevance to them not you. Don’t talk about yourself other than when it is about delivering solutions to them. Apply this formula to all of your audiology marketing copy and you can’t really go wrong. Don’t forget that headlines are especially important. Grab their attention fast, if I was applying the principle to this article the headline would be.

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You get the picture right? What do you think about copywriting in advertising and how do you do it?

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