Leveraging Key Word Search Knowledge For The SEO Of Your Web Marketing Channels


Healthcare Key Word & Long Tail Phrases, How To Leverage Them For Your Commercial Strategy.


If you wish to turn your site into a lead generation site which allows you the opportunity to convert visitors to prospects, you need to localise your SEO strategy. The question as always is how?


Keywords are an excellent place to start when designing and deploying a lead generating website. However, they are not the only thing you need to consider and they will not deliver to you all the results you require. Let me explain, you have identified Hearing Aids as a prime keyword. That is fine, in fact it is excellent, you leverage your site for that keyword. In doing so you reach the height of the organic search rankings and everybody in the world who searches for hearing aid gets to see your site.

Their in lies the issue, everybody in the world is not going to attend your Practice. So as a lead conversion strategy it is probably not the best one. What you need to leverage is local searches, therefore what you need to think about is long tail key phrases. A long tail key phrase is a search term that surpasses key words, in fact most people would use search phrases. In Ireland a long tail key phrase that is referenced relatively frequently is “Hearing Aid Prices In Ireland”.

If you wish to turn your web site or blog into a lead generation site which allows you the opportunity to convert visitors to prospects, you need to localise your SEO strategy. The question as always is how? Initially research is the answer, don’t go on gut instinct here. Use the Google Key word tool to assess not only the key words but also the keyword phrases used around searches for our industry. You also need to ensure that you localise the results by entering your location or locations. In doing so, it will allow you to see not just the top phrases or key words searched around your industry. But also how many searches are done in your location or locations near to you.

This is the data that you need in order that you can design a site that can be used as a proper lead generation tool. This wealth of data can also allow you to design and deploy content that will keep your site fresh and keep you at the top of the search rankings that actually matter to you as a business. I have always been wary of sales speak, it always smacks of Gordon gecko rubbish to me. But if you want to continually fill your sales funnel with prospects through your online marketing channel, this is how you do it.

  1. Identify Key Words & Phrases around your industry
  2. Localise the data in order that you can target real prospects
  3. Deploy a SEO strategy designed to leverage those localised terms
  4. Design and deploy content through your online marketing channel to leverage the data
  5. Leverage that content through multiple online channels, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, in order to create solid backlinks that drive your organic search returns

If you plan and deploy this strategy you will begin to drive lead generation through your site. This is not the entire answer of course, getting them to your site is half the battle only. Getting them to stay on the site and indeed give you their contact information is the end goal. So your site needs to be clean, easily navigable and contain several well researched calls to action. That my friends is for another post.



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