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GN Resound is really ramping up the campaign


GN Resound is really ramping up the campaign around the Made For iPhone Hearing Aids, made for iPhone Hearing AidsThe GN Resound LiNX. I noted a new post titled What If recently, it is an excellent post. Based on an imagine concept, on a better life concept. The post aims for lifestyle improvement, it could be a campaign based around any high end luxury good. It is aspirational. Hell I want a pair  😳 so how will it appeal to prospects?


They need to do a video based on this concept, hell I need to do a video on this concept for my Practice. It is clearly, whether designed or not, placing these hearing instruments in the consumer goods category. I loved it, I take my hat off to the Resound marketing team and prostrate myself before them, we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy. Although I do rather hope the instruments live up to the in-depth trialling they are about to get by every interested consumer.


Resound are also using modern digital marketing strategy around the instruments. They


made for iPhone hearing aids


are actively capturing data through sign up forms on solely dedicated sites. I would imagine they have been using these lists carefully and very well to ramp up anticipation. The sign up sites are excellent in their design and deployment, you can see one here .


The entire strategy has been a massive departure from the norm. I have been singularly impressed with every move that Resound have taken with this. Their campaign and indeed the Made For iPhone stuff lend fantastic opportunities to every Practice for both online and offline audiology marketing. I hope that other manufacturers take notice and move forward in this way.


Manufacturers tend to market towards us, whilst they invest in end user marketing it is usually not done in any type of in depth way. GN Resound have changed this, the product itself lends itself to end user marketing. It means though that manufacturers will begin to generate leads of their own, leads that they can then do with what they wish.


I personally don’t see an issue with this but I know there are many who might feel uncomfortable with it. Indeed some of our more conspiracy minded colleagues may get twitchy. It would be interesting to know what you think?


To The Resound Marketer, we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!


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  1. Geoffrey, Wasn’t sure if you saw these videos yet. Thanks for the Kudos.

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