The Made For iPhone audiology marketing Campaign At Celtic Hearing

Using popular interest to your advantage in digital audiology marketing or the how to manual for content marketing

Made for iPhone is obviously a hot topic in the internet ether right now. I said in my last post that I thought the instruments were a gift to digital audiology marketing and I have begun to build a campaign around them.

In my last post I put up a link to the first post in the campaign, I have undertaken another since. Let me explain how it works in a step by step basis. First some background, I have been writing for a while and was among the first to claim my Google Authorship. I have detailed this procedure in the past on this site here, here, here and here

Because of this and the posts I write Google have ascribed me some authority in the audiology space. When you have finished laughing Miller, I’ll go on 🙂 In essence it means that Google thinks most of the content I write in relation to all things audiology have value. This helps my content in the search rankings, but only my audiology related content.

So back to the campaign, I wrote the first post on the Celtic Hearing Ireland blog named Made For iPhone Hearing Aids, Resound Linx . I have used the key words that I am chasing in the title and of course they are interspersed through the text. As always the post is written in an informational way, this is key. The article has to be judged by Google to be of value.

That is to be of value to prospective viewers, not to you the writer. You need to consider this carefully. After the post was written I then shared it across my social networks and the social networks of the company. This sharing supports the copy, particularly when it is re-shared as this post was. The biggest social network from Google’s point of view is of course Google+. My post was re-shared on Google+ by one or two people and one or two people plus oned it.

Within two or three days the post via Google+ was showing up high in Irish search page rankings on Google. I then wrote a second article called More about made for iPhone Hearing aids  and posted it to the company site a couple of weeks later. Again I shared it across all relevant social networks and again it was re-shared, for which I am really thankful.

In this way I have begun a content campaign around the made for iPhone hearing aids. I will continue to write posts on the instruments as new information becomes available. I will also write a couple of posts when it is launched and when and if we launch it at Celtic Hearing. This strategy used well will give you dominance in localised search returns for the search phrases you target.

I have been exceptionally busy on this front for Celtic Hearing since the beginning of January. My schedule is to release a new article about every two to three days. This is relatively easy for me because I like to write, don’t watch TV and an article takes me no longer than thirty minutes to put together.

I have several overall content ideas or headings that I can pick from and write about. I also have a post calendar that reflects different events and differing issues that occur around that time or season. In this way, if I need inspiration I look at my headers and calendar, pick a topic and write.

It is important that you don’t repeat yourself, always approach the same topic from different angles. Never, never, never, never copy someone else’s work, Google will crucify you, we will have to look on page 999 of the search returns to find you! It is okay to quote clearly once the bulk or basis of the post is your take or opinion.

This strategy pays off, it will attract new viewers to your website and increase your page views. Converting them to sales is another thing, lets talk about that another time.

I hope this is helpful, happy writing



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