Managing Your Change Projects, Project Management In Healthcare

By Geoffrey Cooling


Project Management in Healthcare

Managing change within an organisation can be difficult, there are many problems that can occur. From resistance from employees to procedural and process driven problems. Any change management needs to be looked at in the context of an ongoing project. It also needs to be cognizant of the existing employee culture and beliefs.

With this in mind change, like any project, needs to be managed as a step by step process. Each project by their individual nature has different steps, but it is key that you identify all of the stakeholders and the steps that bring you from a to b. With that in mind I would like to hand you over to Joel Parkinson, our guest poster today. Initially Joel will discuss project management options, I hope that Joel will honour us again in the future with some more tips on project management.




Pros and Cons of Managing Projects in 2013

All companies and businesses have projects. At one time or another project is undertaken. Projects are created to further improve quality of products and services rendered as well as improve business processes and earn profit. Some companies usually undertake more projects than the others at a given time. A project management system is actually a decision you can make. However, is it wise for the business?

Managing projects in 2013 is not that far different from managing projects in the past years except for the latest tools and updates. The basic principle of doing it is still the same. Many believed that managing projects is too costly when using project management tools or software. Some think a good project manager does not need any of these. When you are considering investing in a project management system, there are a lot of things to know. You need to weigh in the pros and cons before making your decision. Here are the pros and cons you should know if you plan to use a project management system.

Self- Management or In-House

Pros. The user knows how to use the system and it is very satisfying knowing that your system works the way you want it.

Cons. It needs a huge commitment on your part if you want to use a self-management system. This costs time which prevents you from doing a lot of tasks to complete the project. Having an in-house project management system needs maintenance and upgrades from time to time. You are tied to use a particular computer to manage your projects.

Online Project Management System

Pros. You can access the online or web-based project management software anywhere. You can use it as long as there is a computer and an internet connection. You do not have to carry your computer or personal laptop since it can be easily accessed anywhere, thus helping in making real time project management possible. All you need is a computer device and an internet connection.

It is easy to collaborate with the team members over the internet. Project management software online usually has collaboration tools integrated into the system. This allows easy communication between users of the system within the company or business. This is a powerful tool since the concerns of the users are immediately answered thus empowering the entire project team.

Aside from discussion forums, tools like email allow easier communication and dissemination of latest updates on various tasks. The project leader could easily pass on instruction should there be project changes along the way.

Cons. Members of the project need to be trained on how to use the system. If you are new into using the online project management system, your team members may find it challenging in the first place. Minimal training is required though if your system is simple to use.

Just as mentioned earlier, no software can match with a skillful project leader. But to make the project goals more attainable and the project become more successful, a good project management system for managing projects could make all the difference in the results.

Guest Poster Bio: Joel Parkinson is a writer for the web site, where he has recently been researching project management software. In his spare time, Joel enjoys surfing and running


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