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Online Audiology Marketing, Deploying A Webshop

In my last post I discussed ancillary revenue lines purely as a boost to top line revenue. With this post I would like to discuss how those lines can actually assist in your online audiology marketing. Again this strategy is relatively cost neutral, your real estate, in this case a website, is already there. It is important that you should consider your website, as real estate. Because only then do you realise that it needs to be used, not idle.

What you need to do is ensure that it is working for you, that you are squeezing all possible revenue out of it. I think most Practices with an online presence now have a Webshop. But usually all that is on it is batteries and possibly some cleaning and care kit. You have an opportunity here to load the Webshop with products and then use strong SEO principles to ensure it actually drives people to your website. Why would you not use it?

As I have said if somebody is searching online for an assistive listening device. They may well be in the marketplace for hearing instruments. If not right now, maybe in the future. so what should you consider as an ancillary product line?

    • Assistive listening devices
  • FM equipment
  • Connective devices for hearing instruments
  • Ear protection

All of the above can be leveraged for not just ancillary revenue but also lead capture. why on earth would you not offer them on your site? I mean you do not even have to keep stock for most of them so it is a cost neutral approach. You just ensure that you make an agreement with your suppliers for rapid delivery. As for taking payment you can use Paypal, it is quick easy and cheap.

When you are setting up the Webshop, you need to consider how you will map, tag, meta-tag and structure it. Ensure you use high quality high resolution photos for all products. Make sure the visuals are tagged and alt texted, ensure the titles of each product are deployed properly. Don’t just give the manufacturers designation. Use something like, Fantastic Mobile Phone For The Hard Of Hearing, the Insert Manufacturer’s Designation Here.

With some thought and following simple SEO principles, you can turn your Webshop into a dynamic powerhouse for revenue and leads. You can drive traffic to your website, which if deployed properly may help you to convert visitors to leads. I know you are good at converting leads to sales, it’s the getting the bums on seats that has always been problematic.

This type of strategy allows you the maximum opportunity to get bums on seats. Once it is deployed my friends it is cost neutral, I bet it’s ROI will beat the pants of your next newspaper advert.



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