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Making Your Website Work For Your Hearing Health Practice

Imagine your website handing you fully qualified leads, leads that know they have a problem and want to do something about it. Now imagine this happening on a daily basis, how cool would that be? Don’t worry its not another episode of PTSD, I didn’t imagine it, the power to make this happen is available. It has been introduced as a very interesting piece of software that can live on your website.

Introducing: where’s the drum roll, there should be a clap of thunder, ta daaaaaa!


I am back to web presence with this post as you may have guessed and I am taking the tablets, so no worries there 🙂 . I came across an interesting Irish company recently named CTone Limited, they supply some really interesting web products that pertain to our industry. The primary one of real interest to us is an online hearing test and lead generation tool.

The system which is made up of three separate parts can be placed effectively on your site allowing a prospective Patient test their hearing with decent accuracy. The system will flag up a loss and will offer a contact form to the Patient to be filled out for a follow up contact or it can simply offer a telephone number to call. They also have quite an amazing emulation system that can play audio that is engineered to suit the Patients test results. It can be set to play an unassisted sound file and then the same sound file that has been changed to suit their loss.

I think it is a great system with real power, an online test, then an emulation, in fact almost a demonstration of what hearing instruments can do, then a contact form to be filled out. All on your website for any prospective Patient to use in the comfort of their own home, a completely non threatening environment. The separate parts of the system are intuitive, easy to use and the workflow encourages the filling in of the lead generation form.

It introduces prospective Patients to assessment of loss in a non threatening manner. They do not have to attend your clinic to confirm there is an issue. When they confirm the issue, if they so wish, they can then enter into a dialogue with you hopefully culminating in an appointment for a full test and lifestyle impact assessment.


The Game Changer?

Online Hearing Test

The test itself is relatively easy to undertake and the user interface is pretty intuitive. The tones are constant and the Patient uses a slider to change the intensity to a point where they can just hear it. They confirm and the system moves onto a new frequency. It is relatively simple and uncluttered, perfect for deployment on your site. It will also feed into your SEO strategies, marking out your site in a new way.

I really do think that this is a fantastic piece of kit, this service can be feverishly working away on your website and capturing you qualified leads. Prospective Patients who are in no doubt they have a hearing problem before they fill out the contact form. Whilst the embed is SEOd for our business, if you also use high quality SEO principles on the embed page and on your site in general, it will drag people to your site and then to your door. What other form of marketing can do that for you in the current economic climate? In fact I like this so much I wish I had shares in it.

I liked it so much, I went and spoke to Martin Ganter of CTone Limited and asked him some in depth questions about the kit. Martin is a nice guy who has a long background in software, he and a couple of other lads came up with the concept of the online test. It is interesting to note that they in essence came at the problem from the audio direction as opposed to from an audiology direction. I think that is why the emulator in particular is so good you could eat it.

They have some particularly impressive PHDs from University College Dublin involved in the company and all of the research was in fact undertaken there. They also have some really great physical products either in the pipeline or just to production. I for one hope that the physical products we discussed come to market, I think they will blow people away, in fact I think that some of their concepts and approaches if taken up in the Hearing Instrument Manufacturing Industry may change it significantly.

They are in talks with several companies at present about licensing agreements for the software and one well known company is driving forward with it as a major strategy. You should talk to them before they are not allowed to talk to you, I really think their product is a game changer.

The company can be found at the following Link



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