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Audiology Marketing Strategy For Lead Generation On A Hearing HealthCare Website

Celtic_siteIn my post “Leveraging Keyword Search” I went through identifying the localisation of search phrases that you should cater to on your site. That is just the start of our task, after identifying those long tail phrases we then have to integrate them into content on our site in order that we rank high on organic search rankings. We also need to integrate them into metatags, headings etc. When we have done all of this, following excellent and modern SEO principles, we appear at the top of the search rankings for our chosen search phrases. We are the kings of the local search rankings.

So What?

This only gives you the opportunity to impress your possible customers, it merely points your possible customers to your website.

What is of ultimate importance to you as a business is what they see there.

What is of ultimate importance to you as a business is what they do there.

What is of ultimate importance to you as a business is the psychological impact of your website on those visitors.

Finally, what is of ultimate importance to you as a business is that you capture their data or drive them to contact you.

Your Main Audiology Marketing Channel

In simple terms, the real key to your online audiology marketing strategy is your website. Social media and SEO strategy is purely leveraged to bolster and support your main online marketing channel. You need to ensure that you deploy a strategy to ensure that your website actually engages your prospective customer. Not only engages but encourages them to contact you or even better submit their data to you. Celtic Hearing Ireland is one of my customers, they have put great thought into their online strategy. It has been my great pleasure to help them with it. They clearly set out goals for keywords and long tail phrases that would be of benefit to them in their locations. They then deployed a web presence that would allow them to leverage those searches to drive people to their website and eventually to their stores.

Strong Calls To Action


Their website is relatively well deployed, eye catching, quite slick and on brand. It is easily navigable and is chock a block of calls to action. The initial call to action I would like to mention is in fact on their home page. Very clearly in a red button is the hearing aid batteries from one Euro. The button links to their web shop, where you can purchase packs of batteries and some other ancillary items. One Euro batteries is a relatively strong call to action in Ireland. It also allows Celtic to use a loss leader as a lead generation and data capture tool. Contact details are given in the online shop, which on opt in,  Celtic can then use for sending out offers etc. People who are buying the batteries are obviously existing users or know existing users. They are not buying them for their watches.

Call_to_action_1Celtic also leverages the contact portion at the bottom middle of the page to display some further calls to action. One is the special offer they are running on IIC instruments. Two for the price of one on invisible hearing aids is a relatively strong call to action for most prospective customers. They also publicise their online hearing test and give prospective Patients the opportunity to download their Practice Brochure. Which can be downloaded here Celtic Hearing Ireland Practice Brochure. The brochure is a very well deployed piece of collateral that speaks highly of the professionalism of Celtic Hearing. It also arms a prospective Patient with a lot of generic information before they ever approach the Practice. The Practice Brochure concept is something that is easily deployed and it speaks highly of your Practice and your brand when done so properly.

They make sure that each call to action is a link to a page leveraging that call to action. This allows them to leverage those campaign offers with their own metatags, headers and other SEO principles. Again, this helps drive them in the organic search rankings.

Online Hearing Test Deployment

Online_hearing_testA quite strong call to action they have deployed is the Online Hearing Test concept. The test is in fact the one that I spoke about in the post Online Diagnosis And Lead Generation. A piece of software that is deployed by C Tone. In order to take the online test you need to submit your details. You then are taken through the test and given your results. this then leads you to another excellent piece of kit called the Online Hearing Aid Selector. More about that in a moment. The entire deployment is excellent, follows an intelligent work flow and people like it. It is also a strong part of their SEO deployment as are all of the features and calls to action  they have taken care to incorporate into the site. This particular feature will drive strong data capture and leads over time.

Online Hearing Aid Selector

Hearing_Aid_SelectorThe Online Hearing Aid Selector is an excellent piece of kit that uses lifestyle and perceived disability questions to lead to an instrument suggestion. If used in the workflow of the online hearing test it also takes severity of tested loss into account. It is just a really nice offering that increases engagement on the site. As before, it also bolsters Celtic’s SEO activities. Consistent leveraging of this feature will again help them to the top of the search rankings in the areas and for the search terms that they need to be.


They also use the data capture tool to the left on nearly every page. It does in fact encourage people to enter their details in order that Celtic may call them back. It is a nice touch, a well thought out one as are many of the strategies that are deployed on the Celtic Hearing Ireland website. Chris and Lisa have thought about their online channels carefully. Whilst they are very active on social media channels, they use them for strategic purposes. They use them to bolster their SEO strategy. They use them to support their main online channel, their website. They have turned their website into a lead generation and data capture engine. It singularly gives them the best return on investment of all of their marketing channels outside of targeted direct mail. They also have plans to add a landing page later on, one which they will leverage for all campaign offers. They continuously asses and update the site in order that it is fresh and continuously driving their business to the top of the search returns that matter.

Proof Of Concept For Audiology Marketing

Celtic is a proof of concept, they see results from their online channels. The future of marketing within our industry is online, at present it is a multi channel strategy with your website being the main channel. Social media is really only leveraged to strategically support your main channel. That is the case within our industry at present, but that may well change in the future. The key is that you need to stay current, to stay on top of things in order that your business has the best chance to succeed. These are the things that you as an Independent Hearing Health Practice need to be doing to compete in our current and future market.



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