ReSound Partners with Hearing Pros to Create Interactive “Test Drive” Events

ReSound Partners with Hearing Pros to create some innovative community marketing events


GN ReSound.

I have been quiet of late because I have been particularly busy in the new job. I have planned out the first 100 days in order that God can laugh at me. So far he has left me alone and I have got on with it.

 I have been writing and publishing a lot, just not on this site. Between that and negotiations for new referral routes and business partnerships it has all been a bit mental. You can take a look at my last twenty day’s written work at the Celtic Hearing Blog.

This press release came across my desk after the New Year but I never got a chance to do anything with it. I thought it was so good though that I Better. GN Resound have come up with a fascinating idea for what amounts to community marketing. Staging pretty innovative events. I really like the ideas here and think that they would be very non threatening marketing events.

So here’s the press release:

ReSound is helping hearing healthcare professionals create unique consumer marketing experiences – made possible via 2.4 GHz technology.

Bloomington, MN, January 6, 2013 – – ReSound, a technology industry leader in hearing aid solutions, is partnering with hearing healthcare professionals to create interactive “test drive” events in their local communities.

Patients are invited to attend a play or musical at a dinner theater, where they are able to test drive ReSound hearing aids and wireless accessories for the duration of the event. This approach allows consumers to experience all the benefits of ReSound technology in a variety of listening environments.

“With a ReSound wireless hearing aid and a Unite wireless accessory, users can tune directly into the theater’s sound system without the use of a body-worn device or the need to pre-wire the venue,” said Kim Herman, President, ReSound. “This is unique to ReSound. It’s not possible to do this with any other hearing technology manufacturer.”

Thumper Johnson, M.A., of Mid Kansas ENT, recently organized a theater tour in Wichita, KS, which involved 80 patients visiting 5 different theaters to see how their hearing devices could be used at multiple venues. “I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to use the technology and that our patient/clinic relationship extends beyond the sale,” said Johnson.

“Being able to tune in directly to a theater’s sound system offers a real benefit to those with hearing loss,” said Herman. “There are so many people who will not attend social events like this because they are unable to hear comfortably. An experience like this shows that hearing aids can do more than amplify sounds – they minimize background noise, aid in speech recognition, and re-connect people to their worlds.”

ReSound believes that wireless streaming is going to become more common in public places such as theaters, cinemas and churches. “Together with hearing care professionals like Thumper, our mission is to build awareness among entertainment venues and patrons that this technology is available.”

Learn more about interactive test drive events at


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