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Leveraging All Channels To Run An Online Audiology Marketing Campaign

You have heard me talk about running an online campaign, you have also heard me speak about leveraging a blog and other channels to do it. So I would like to show you exactly what I mean. This is a two part post, both parts are going up at the same time just on different pages. The reason, I would like to show you how it will work in real life.

Okay, so I have decided to run an introductory offer an a particular hearing instrument in my theoretical Practice. In this case I have picked the Widex IIC, I heard somewhere they are good! Smile In seriousness I have done so because of the SEO value of leveraging the phrase “Invisible Hearing Aid”. So firstly I will have set up the offer page on my site, I will have also set up the About the IIC page also.

In order to give the online campaign some power, I am going to write a blog post. This is what I would write

Title, New Invisible Hearing Aids In (insert place here)

As you can see I have put the term I want to leverage for search in the title, that ladies and gentleman is a critical SEO practice.

Header One: “Real Excitement In The Office With The Introduction Of The New Widex Invisible Hearing Aids”

Not letting go of that search term


Print There is real excitement in the office with the launch of the new Widex invisible hearing instrument, I would hyperlink those few words to the about page on my website. The product looks pretty amazing, really small and discreet.

The sound quality is no less than you would expect from Widex, really fantastic. Of course because it is an IIC, it is not going to be suitable for everybody. But Widex tells us that this invisible hearing aid should be suitable for quite a proportion of prospective users.

The aid is a deep canal aid, in other words it fits deeply in the ear canal. This means that it just can’t be seen, a truly invisible hearing aid.

Despite its small size, the IIC comes with outstanding Widex technology. It benefits from the Widex Sound – natural sound that doesn’t just help users hear speech or loud sounds, but all the sounds around them. This is the first time that Widex have brought their legendary sound quality and reliability to an invisible hearing aid. It is really exciting.

In fact we are so excited about the product we have decided to give an introductory offer until August 31st We hope that the offer will give people the confidence to try out this outstanding piece of technology. I have actually set up an offer page for you to look at so follow that link

Not almost invisible, but invisible

The IIC model is placed deep into the ear canal so no part of it can be seen.
The new IIC and a CIC - placed in the ear canal

A CIC model is placed in the external part of the ear canal. The  IIC model however, is placed beyond the second bend of the ear canal.

Really Clever design
Besides being attractive, discreet and stylish, all the components are contained in one unit. Unlike other hearing aids, there are no joined parts, and an integrated faceplate means there are no hard edges. Widex is able to manage this using their own invention, the patented CAMISHA technology.

The suitability for use is down to hearing loss, canal shape and size.   If you are interested why don’t you book a consultation, I would hyperlink this to the contact form on my website.

So what I have done here is put up a post that I have decided to SEO for the search term “Invisible Hearing Aids” I have localised it by adding “In wherever”. The post is relatively friendly and non threatening. I have used relative anchor text to backlink to my site to the about the IIC page, The Offer Page and to my Booking Form. I have also given a slight sense of urgency by stating the offer is indefinite.

I have done the rest of the work on my theoretical website, by now I hope you have clicked through to the offer landing page. In order to really leverage this campaign, I would tweet and Facebook links to the blog post. The blurb I would use on those tweets and Facebook posts would be centred around the title Invisible hearing aids in wherever. Make sure the initial social media work is in fact linked to the blog.

Later in the campaign, you can share links to the offer page directly. This campaign will really only work after you have built up a blog and some respectable presence. That is why you should be doing just that right now.



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