Social Media Stats That Matter To Your Healthcare Marketing Decisions

Which social media channel for your healthcare marketing activities?

By Geoffrey Cooling

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If you want to include social media channels in your healthcare marketing activities. It is important to have an idea about the demographic make up of those channels. Initially lets think about the age demographics that we are targeting. Our traditional Patients are 60 plus, but does that mean that this is the sole demographic we are targeting? Obviously not, the purchase of a hearing instrument is often a family led decision.

As we all know most often the Patient is encouraged by one or more of their family members. We also know that many people within the Patients inner circle are involved in the decision process. Hence the old admonition, not just support, but the right support. With this in mind we need to consider the targeting of not just the Patient demographic. But also the demographic of their children. Possibly their grandchildren as well. We need to ensure that our healthcare marketing targets many age demographics.

I think this should be forefront in our minds as we think about any of our healthcare marketing. No matter what channel we are planning to use. As for social media, lets look at the stats, these stats are from 2012 research undertaken by Edison Research and Arbitron

One interesting stat was that the biggest growth in social media adoption year on year was in adults aged 45+.

When asked did they have a profile page on any social network?

  • 55% of 45 to 54 year olds replied yes
  • 34% of 55 to 64 year olds replied yes
  • 23% of 65 year olds plus replied yes

When asked about what networks they had profile pages on the replies were

45 to 54 year olds

  • Facebook 50%
  • Twitter 6%
  • LinkedIn 17%

55 to 64 year olds

  • Facebook 32%
  • Twitter 1%
  • LinkedIn 10%

65 year olds plus

  • Facebook 23%
  • Twitter 1%
  • LinkedIn 3%

The data set as always in most research is American, however I think we can extrapolate a lot from it. It would appear that Facebook is an ideal channel for healthcare marketing that needs to touch the demographics we wish to. Particularly since the biggest year on year growth is in the demographics we wish to engage. It is early days for the profession in the utilization of this type of channel for healthcare marketing. The strategies that we may use have really not been considered past the basic use of a business profile.

There can be a lot more to Facebook advertising than just the use of a business page. Facebook advertising can be targeted to demographic, geography and interest. It can also leverage visuals heavily, basically though you are advertising your Facebook page. Again like your webpage, if you want them to not just like it but also engage with it, you better ensure it actually engages them.





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