Tele-Audiology In Hearing Healthcare

Is Tele Audiology a good thing for your commercial strategy in hearing healthcare?

By Geoffrey Cooling


Tele Audiology has become a hot topic in our profession in recent times. In particular it is seen as a way in which we can assist people with hearing loss in the developing world. The Tele-Audiology Network was set up in order to facilitate just that. The network allows volunteers to donate their time and expertise in order that people far removed from them may be assisted. This venture and the technology that allows it can only be seen as a good thing.

Tele-Audiology In The Commercial Sector

But there are moves among hearing instrument manufacturers towards a form of Tele-Audiology. One manufacturer in particular is far ahead with the introduction of this concept. They introduced limited programming via remote means some time ago. They have also introduced many new ways to encourage Patient engagement and involvement in the fine tuning process. Technologies that allow Patients to take some control and affect fine tuning of their instruments be it in a limited manner.

The introduction of these technologies will have an impact on our profession. As these technologies increase and become more prevalent, they will present us with new questions:

Can these technologies be leveraged in our commercial strategy?

Can these technologies be leveraged in our healthcare marketing strategy

Will these technologies help us?

Can these technologies hurt us?

These are questions that we need to consider strongly, these technologies are currently available. With the current plans for the introduction of protocols by Apple for communication with hearing instruments. These technologies are probably going to explode.

Have you considered the impact on your business?

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