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Primus Pro from Auditdata
Primus PRO

Auditdata is offering an important opportunity to the wider audiological profession to shape the future of the equipment they use everyday. Would you like wireless transducers, what about easily controlled processes, maybe wireless REM systems?

They have launched a survey designed to help them understand not just what you need, but also what you would like from the audiological equipment of the near future. I think it is worth taking a couple of minutes out of your day to take the survey. You can find it here.


Auditdata is an innovative manufacturer of audiological equipment for the modern hearing clinic. They come at audiological equipment from a slightly different angle than most manufacturers simply because they are a software company, first and foremost.

I suppose the strongest example of this is their calibration in the plug system. It is a simple but effective approach to calibration of transducers that means no down time in the clinic and no expensive calibration visits.

You simply change the transducer for a new one provided by the company and it downloads the calibration to your Primus audiometer. No messing around, no down time, no interruption in service.

While that may be the biggest difference between them and others, it isn’t the only one. Their software for the control of their equipment and indeed the management of your consultation is always evolving and changing to meet the changing clinical and business needs of a modern hearing healthcare clinic.

The survey is just one element of their future evolution, an evolution that you can help shape, so take the survey and shape the future of the equipment that you use everyday.

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