The Hearing Pages, Leveraging a channel for all its worth.

 Another Audiology Marketing Opportunity

By Geoffrey Cooling


I recently posted about The Hearing Pages, stating that I thought it was a fantastic concept and one which i felt would be a real boon for the Hearing Aid Profession. So in an effort to convince the sceptical, I have placed a profile on the site for a clinic, with of course the permission of the clinic. The Channel can be found Here

The Clinic channell is fantastic, it allows you so much versatility with arranging your profile. It allows you to add your logo to your channel, photographs and text to your channel’s landing page and even hyperlinks to draw people to your site. Below is the landing page for my channel.


As You can see, The clinic’s logo is on the top left of the frame just over the details and the profile tabs. I have tried to make the profile as rich with media as possible, including photographs, a pdf download of the practice brochure, a news article, Videos, campaign offers and indeed a pdf download of the practice brochure. I think the addition of the picture and the media gives a real perception of professionalism to the profile.

It is probably best to think of the Hearing Pages as the Facebook for hearing, set up your profile with as much care as you would for your Facebook page or indeed as you would with your website. I have not taken the time to fill out the back story for this profile, so our team is just me and their is no bio on my profile. If you are setting up your own, make sure your personal profile has a photograph and a good bio. Because it is from there that the meet our team box is populated.

The current offers box is something that really excited me, in this tab you can list your current offers and campaigns. When you click into the tab, you are presented with the offers that you are set, you click on them and they are displayed. Again when you set up the offers you can leverage media to make the offers more attractive to the consumer, upload a picture, insert hyperlinks to bring them to the query page on your website, or indeed to the offer page and attach a downloadable element such as the advert in PDF format or perhaps a voucher for printing. Here is what I did:

Current offers

The Click Here To Join is a hyperlink bringing the consumer to the form fill in for the Clinic’s loyalty scheme. This was knocked together in a couple of minutes with some screen captures, some text entry and a hyperlink. Yet, to me it appears very powerful, the headline on the offer is Hearing Aid Batteries for One Euro. That in itself is a powerful reason for a click through, it is also a powerful tag for SEO purposes.

There is a news tab also, again I think this is where a clinic can shine, placing good professional content on the news tab will reflect well on your practice and your ability. It also will raise your profile as the news articles are also posted to the main site, which should bring click throughs to your channell. Here is a news article I placed on the tab:


Again I ensured that I had placed good media to catch the attention of the consumer and then a relevant, relatively short, article designed to be of interest not only to a hard of hearing person but also their family. I have not completed this profile in an in depth way, because it will be deleted in a week or so, but I think the elements I have added stand out, are professional and would grab the attention of a consumer.

Your profile is not the whole story though, you will also need to answer questions, engage with people who are just looking for information and enter into conversation in the groups and forums. All of these things will bring benefit to your profile, your standing in the community and the possibility that a consumer will pick you as the supplier of choice.

The site is in beta and occasionally can be a bit glitchy when you are organising your profile, also, organising the profile is not necessarily intuitive, you need to look carefully at the edit boxes in order to get an idea of the available options for media etc. This said, the problems are not major and I think the site will change with feedback and constructive criticism. I still say that long term this site has the possibility to be the go to site for consumers internationally, I think you should think carefully about being there and being best dressed.

About Geoffrey Cooling

Geoffrey Cooling is an Irish hearing care blogger and the author of The Little Book of Hearing Aids and Audiology Marketing in a Digital World. He has been involved in the Hearing Healthcare Profession since 2007 when he qualified as a hearing aid audiologist. He has worked in private practice and for a major hearing aid manufacturer. He has become recognised as an authority within the field of hearing care and hearing aids.

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