The Power Of Words, Sales Or Healthcare

Do You Sell, Or Do You Provide Healthcare?

I am afraid my last post caused a bit of a storm, but hey, that is not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of conversation and differing points of view were aired, which was really refreshing. What struck me though was the emotion that could be affected by simple words, or differing phraseology. I have known for many years that words are powerful, the great orators of history are a true demonstration of this concept.

I would like to ask all of the stakeholders in that conversation to assess the following,

  • We are all different, that diversity of opinion is what gives us strength
  • Opinions are like certain body orifices, we all have them
  • What we choose to call ourselves, does not reflect on either our ability or our commitment
  • What we choose to call our customers, apart from the choice words after your fifty second fine tune! does not reflect on our commitment to them
  • Strategy is not a bad word

In our lives, we are consistently involved in a sales process, right now, I am selling my opinion to you. You are not paying for it, but I still wish you to find it attractive, worship me, worship me god damn it. Miller, stop laughing at the back. You also are involved in a sales process when you wish to put your point across. Think about it clearly, even when we deal with our children, we are selling them concepts. Making it attractive for them to do this or that.

Sales, Sales Concepts, Sales Strategies are not bad or evil, they are simply tools that allow us to put our point of view across. I agree, that there is some issues with some sales concepts, particularly the boiler room high pressure concepts. But they are just tools that are used in an immoral way. Because you think about sales process or strategy does not make you immoral.

In your consultation, no matter what you refer to yourself as, you sell, just because you do, does not make you a bad man or woman. My opinion is clear and has been stated many times, when I was practising my self talk or image was that I was pretty close to the best there was when it came to making Hearing Instruments dance. I also was empathetic and cared deeply about my Patients and their outcomes.

So with this in mind, I used every strategy possible in order that my Patients bought from me and stayed with me. In order that they did not go to some other gobshite that would not look after them. I am not embarrased that I did that, nor do I feel immoral.

I understand people’s discomfort, their self image or talk is that they are a Health Professional, you are that, just by your terminology it shows your commitment.

But That Does Not Mean You Do Not Need To, Or Cannot Sell!

If you want to reach the most Patients possible, you need to ensure that you have a strategy that allows you do this, you need a sales strategy. Couch it in what ever terms you wish, whatever terms you are comfortable with. Because, put simply, your commitment is admirable and your prospective Patients need you, Make sure that they pick you.



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Geoffrey Cooling is an Irish hearing care blogger and the author of The Little Book of Hearing Aids and Audiology Marketing in a Digital World. He has been involved in the Hearing Healthcare Profession since 2007 when he qualified as a hearing aid audiologist. He has worked in private practice and for a major hearing aid manufacturer. He has become recognised as an authority within the field of hearing care and hearing aids.

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