The Return of the little man

After 6 days, my grandson is home and well, to say we are ecstatic is probably understating the depth of feeling. My grandson is fourteen months old, he was born with craniosynistosis, a condition where the sutures between the plates of the skull seal before birth. His problem was with his forehead, it was triangular in shape with a ridge down the center and the temple areas were pinched in further than they should have been.

Unfortunately the condition was not just cosmetic, it affected his brain development and threatened his very life in the long term. So last Tuesday, Leon underwent a six hour operation which involved some pretty astonishing if knee weakening procedures. It was perhaps the longest six hours of our life, he came through the surgery with a small tear to the brain lining and needed a transfusion.

He was in intensive care overnight with the plan being to be transferred to a surgical care ward the next day. Over night he had a small wobble which resulted in my wife and I nearly losing our minds, but he quickly rallied and astonished us by sitting up in his cot the next day, giving out and eating corn snacks. Since then it has been one milestone after the other.

By Thursday the swelling of his eyes had receded enough to allow him to see. By Saturday there was no sign of post op infection, another tick on the list. Today, we got the word that we could bring him home, he is now sitting on the floor quite close by playing with his obviously missed toys.

We can breathe again and I can write again with some regularity, thank you for keeping with me in the recent past and thank you everybody for their well wishes, prayers and words of support. You helped a great deal to keep me sane, although, Miller reckons I am long past that! 🙂



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