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I recently received an invite to publish on LinkedIn. A new feature that LinkedIn has introduced as part of your profile page. It has been extended to some people for several reasons initially, but it will be available to everyone soon enough. So whilst it is a little bit of an honour its a bit like a kiss from your sister, or maybe a distant cousin.

I decided to take the opportunity to use the feature to publish an article about why I think that sites like ziphearing.com are important to the independent hearing healthcare profession. I would be pleased if you would head over there to have a look, it can be seen at Why Sites Like Ziphearing Are An Imperative

If you are a busy independent practice owner with a million things to do, this site and others like it may well be mana from heaven for you. I do get it, you are busy, under pressure with a million demands on your time and wallet. I understand this implicitly, I feel your pain because I suffer it every day. However, I caution you, online audiology marketing is an imperative.

If you don’t have a working strategy it is doing real damage to your practice right now this minute. It may well be the end of your business within five years. The advent of newer technology such as the made for iPhone and the introduction of new players and cheaper devices will only increase the importance of the internet as a source of enquiries. At present 20% of our sales come to us via the internet, we expect that to continue to grow.

Our business is changing now faster than at any other time previously. You need to adapt and evolve to continue to stay current and relevant. Sites like ziphearing will help, I don’t believe they are the total answer, you will still need to strongly look at your own strategy. However they will take some of the pressure off.



About Geoffrey Cooling

Geoffrey Cooling is an Irish hearing care blogger and the author of The Little Book of Hearing Aids and Audiology Marketing in a Digital World. He has been involved in the Hearing Healthcare Profession since 2007 when he qualified as a hearing aid audiologist. He has worked in private practice and for a major hearing aid manufacturer. He has become recognised as an authority within the field of hearing care and hearing aids.

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