Made For iPhone Hearing Aids And their Impact On Hearing Healthcare

What effect will Made For iPhone hearing aids have on our profession?

By Geoffrey Cooling

Made for iPhone hearing aids

As we all by now know, made for iPhone hearing aids are on their way. Recently GN ReSound released its first made for iPhone accessory and app. The release of actual made for iPhone hearing instruments is probably not far away. But what does it mean to us in the hearing healthcare profession?

Is it to be viewed as just a new product release? Something that we are all too familiar with in the hearing healthcare profession. Or is it something different, something that brings a new set of opportunities to our profession? Something that may even have a dramatic effect on our profession?

Personally I think it may actually be the latter, I think that the concept may well radically change things. The tag, Made for iPhone, will impact our profession greatly. I think that it gives us new marketing opportunities. Marketing opportunities that will appeal to a younger demographic. I think that it may well be the one thing that really impacts early adoption of instruments.

Over the last few years we have seen adoption age lower. Whilst the mean average age of our Patients was once seventy five, this appears to have lowered to perhaps sixty five. This phenomenon is in response to better education but also the arrival of a different generation to our Practices. The fabled baby boomers are beginning to have an impact on our profession.

I think that the made for iPhone instruments will encourage earlier adoption. I think it will do so by removing barriers to hearing instrument adoption. The stigma which has already been reduced will be further attacked. The association between hearing instruments and a desirable piece of consumer electronics will give us tangible benefits.

What do you think?



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