The Psychology in Website Design

Engaging Hearing Healthcare Website Viewers In a post on my business blog recently “Website Elements That Drive Engagement” I discussed website elements that we use in our website design to drive engagement with viewers. They are not used just to drive engagement but to emotionally touch the viewer, to reach out to them where they live. The elements are designed based on the understanding that we have reached in relation to … Continue reading

A Really Cool Online Tool For Animated Video

Finding New Cool Stuff Is Very Satisfying I love finding cool stuff on the web, especially when it can help you out with marketing activities. I came across Wideo recently. It was a recommendation to me from another blogger who had discovered it. It is a fantastic site for designing animated videos, easy to use with a lot of templates to start you off. The bare bones, which is pretty cool … Continue reading

Negative Consequences of Uncorrected Hearing Loss

A forgotten clinical foundation Using study data in marketing can be inherently problematic. Often the message is fear, plain and simple. Do this or the dreadful thing might happen. I think the message has real validity, I think the medium and the terms of reference are the issue. Recent evolution of our understanding of untreated hearing loss and its possible co-morbidities has led to a plethora of possible messages. The … Continue reading

Rayovac To Unveil New Products At EUHA

Just landed on my desk A press release from Rayovac in preparation for EUHA just landed on my desk. It seems that they are introducing some exciting new products to the hearing healthcare industry this year. In the last few years Rayovac have been pretty innovative in not just their product offering but also their customer support programmes. So it should be interesting to see what they have up their … Continue reading