Audiology Engine Live & Kicking

Audiology Engine, Industry Specific Web & Business Solutions As I have said, the idea for Audiology Engine came about through some conversations that were had between myself and Steven. I had heard many independent practice owners talk about the difficulty of getting good web designers and developers. Most of the issues were focused on industry knowledge or the lack of from the developers. It seemed a common complaint and it got us thinking. … Continue reading

Audiology Engine, A New Product Offering

Audiology Engine, Driving Your Hearing Healthcare Practice Success Myself and a chap named Stephen Claridge are bringing a new product offering to market. Under the name of Audiology Engine we hope to initially offer a web development product and associated services that will help Practice owners to drive their on line marketing and their business. Stephen Claridge, who is the developer of Coderscope, is an established web development professional and the designer of … Continue reading

Targeted Landing Pages Are Key in On-line Audiology Marketing

Allowing a consumer to understand the details on a hearing healthcare website can be extremely challenging. The jargon we use can become complicated and if your Practice offers a variety of different services, prospective customers can get confused. If this happens you risk them not knowing where to go and leaving the website altogether. Not an ideal situation and a poor reward for your work to get them to your site in the first … Continue reading

Key Staff Are A Key To Success

Dr Gyl On Staff As A Success Driver Today I would like to introduce a guest post by Gyl Kasewurm. Gyl Kasewurm is A lifetime resident of southwestern Michigan, Dr. Gyl Kasewurm obtained a Masters Degree from Western Michigan University and went on to earn her Doctoral Degree from Central Michigan University. In 1983, she founded Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, Michigan.  The office has grown from a small practice … Continue reading