An introduction to We have a guest post today by Jeff Hall about It’s an interesting concept that a lot of work and thought has been put into. Something of which I will talk about later. Enjoy. By Jeff Hall As hearing health care providers, it sometimes seems like we are being attacked from all angles. Insurance companies now occupy a major seat at the distribution table. Manufacturer-owned … Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your People

The happiness of your staff is key to your success In the organised chaos that is running a Practice, it is easy to miss or forget things. There is always so much going on, chart notes to be written, orders to chase, invoices to match, checks to write etc. As the expression goes, busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking competition. Believe me I feel your pain.  … Continue reading

Increasing The Conversion of Website Viewers

Turning Website Viewers To Leads and Then Sales I tried to get health insurance recently for myself and my family. My long suffering wife is putting the pressure on. In fairness, she is right to do so, we are not getting any younger and our health service is definitely not getting any better. So I thought to myself, let’s go online and sort it out right? Wrong! Do you have … Continue reading

Increasing Your Audiology Marketing Leads With Good Copy

Just audiology stuff

Writing copy for your audiology marketing that produces results Designing visuals, constructing adverts and writing copy for our audiology marketing activities is just another of my weekly chores. I have learnt a lot very quickly from both doing it and having some constructive criticism around it. It is a skill we all need to learn and understand if we are to increase return on investment on our marketing activities. The … Continue reading