Negative Consequences of Uncorrected Hearing Loss

A forgotten clinical foundation Using study data in marketing can be inherently problematic. Often the message is fear, plain and simple. Do this or the dreadful thing might happen. I think the message has real validity, I think the medium and the terms of reference are the issue. Recent evolution of our understanding of untreated hearing loss and its possible co-morbidities has led to a plethora of possible messages. The … Continue reading

Rayovac To Unveil New Products At EUHA

Just landed on my desk A press release from Rayovac in preparation for EUHA just landed on my desk. It seems that they are introducing some exciting new products to the hearing healthcare industry this year. In the last few years Rayovac have been pretty innovative in not just their product offering but also their customer support programmes. So it should be interesting to see what they have up their … Continue reading

Boosting The Morale In The WorkPlace

Every business needs to boost team morale or the companies work and deadlines start to suffer. I have worked in HR myself for many years now and have seen first hand what it is like in an office with zero morale. It is dull, boring and work suffers, you begin to have clock-watchers for breaks and home time! Many business owners even today do not know what to do to … Continue reading

My Successful Online Marketing Strategy I Did Myself

I am going to aim this article at newcomers to online marketing, so if you are a professional, this may not be for you! I am the owner of a successful health blog that has sales generated every day by using a strategy I have tested and perfected for over 5 years. I am going to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What Is Search Engine Optimization? Well, in my … Continue reading