Online Audiology Marketing Strategy, Update On Google Authorship

Google Authorship, Google+ and good content will need to be the core of your online audiology marketing strategy

By Geoffrey Cooling

Online Audiology Marketing strategy

In a recent post I discussed Google+ and Google Authorship, basically navel gazing on the probabilities of importance in the future and exploring the benefits now. Shortly after Matt Cutts, a member of the Google team, released a video. In the video Matt Cutts implies pretty directly that using the rel=author data can help Google understand the authority and credibility of the individual who posted a piece of content.

Here is a summary of what he said:

 I’m pretty excited about the ideas behind authorship. Basically if you can move from an anonymous web to a web where you have some notion of identity. And maybe even reputation of individual author. Then web spam, you kind of get the benefits for free. It’s harder for the spammers to hide over here and in some anonymous corner…

If Danny Sullivan writes something on a on a forum or something like that I’d like to know about that even if the forum itself doesn’t have that much PageRank or something along those lines so… so I do expect us to continue exploring that. We might be able to help improve search quality… and I think will continue to look at it to see how to use rel=author in ways that can improve search experience.

And here is the video itself

It seems apparent that in the future, Google Authorship and Google+ by extension is going to become an important if not imperative element of your online audiology marketing strategy. Authorship though will only help you rank if in fact you are producing content that you can claim authorship of.

It leads me to a question I posed to another marketing guy, is it important to have a website with a blog attached, or maybe its a blog with a website attached? One way or the other, I believe the future of online audiology marketing is three channel at the very least.

Your website

Your Blog or content


Google+ coupled with Google Authorship



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