Audiology Marketing, Beating The Big Boys

How Small Practices Can Beat The Big Boys With Clever Audiology Marketing Strategy


Okay, we know the big boys can bring plenty of money to the fray. Their budgets for audiology marketing simply dwarf most small Practice’s allowance. Believe me that’s okay, they might have a lot to spend, but your local position and quicker decision processes give you the edge.

In fact, for your purposes, the fact that you are a small local Practice is perfect. In order to leverage this, to really achieve your goals, you need to incorporate long tail keyword strategy into your audiology marketing. You need to consider this both online and offline, you need to incorporate this thinking in both your new and traditional audiology marketing strategy.

Long tail Keywords As Part Of Your Audiology Marketing Strategy

I have spoken about long tail keywords or phrases before. The concept is simple, when people are searching online for services, they tend to use phrases as opposed to keywords. This is an ideal situation for a local independent Practice. It would be very difficult for you to compete for a search return on a search for hearing aids. Simply because the competition for that keyword search is immense.

But a search for hearing aids in (your area) is less competitive and far easier to gain top ranking for. The very fact that you are a local Practice actually assists you in your endeavours to rank for this type of search. You make sure that your website is SEO’d for that purpose and you are continuously producing content with that target in mind.

Your national competitor will be aiming at a national target, the closest they will come to localisation is a Practice or clinic entry on their nationally optimised web site. This is a weakness that you not only can, but must take advantage of. Make the targeting of localised long tail keywords or phrases a central tenet of your online audiology marketing strategy.

Those Phrases As Part Of Your Traditional Audiology Marketing Strategy

But don’t stop there, those localised terms are just as powerful, just as attractive to your prospective Patients if used in your traditional audiology marketing strategy. Now more than ever people are more than willing to do business with local businesses. We know that the psychology of the sales/purchase relationship helps us in this respect. People do business with people they like and people they trust.

You as a local independent hearing healthcare professional are in an ideal position to facilitate that outlook. You just need to be smart with your audiology marketing strategy.



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