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I would welcome anybody to guest post on Just Audiology Stuff. Particularly anybody who does not necessarily share my views. Hearing things from the same slant can be quite boring, so I would like to offer the site as a soapbox to all angles.

Our profession, like many is made up of individuals with sometimes very different views. I believe that we should celebrate that diversity, because that diversity is what will keep our profession vibrant. So please, if you have something to say, don’t hesitate to submit it in article form. Submit a head and shoulders shot and any links to material you may reference in the article.

Also if there is anything you would like to hear me drone on about, don’t hesitate to submit ideas for future posts. If I am starting to bore you, let me know.

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About Geoffrey Cooling

my name is Geoffrey Cooling and I am an Irish author and hearing loss blogger. Just Audiology Stuff is my personal site where I explore the hearing profession and industry. I have been involved in the Hearing Healthcare Profession for several years now. I initially worked as a Hearing Healthcare Professional for a large national retailer in Ireland. After several years in Practice I was approached to work for a manufacturer, where I was employed for five years. I am now the Co-Founder of a business called Audiology Engine. We design websites, undertake content marketing and generally look after everything digital for audiological practices. I am also a contributor to many hearing profession periodicals and websites. You can read more about what I get up to on my Author page.

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