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I got to spend a little time with a Danish company named Audidata recently, as you may know, I am fascinated with Patient management systems as a commercial strategy, not just a clinical need. Audidata are doing some really fascinating things in this sphere, so they reached out to me to talk about what they were doing, what they offer and how their integrated thinking can deliver easy Patient management and in-depth business and clinical analytics that can be used to make informed decisions about processes and procedures within your practice. Data that will help you make decisions that will impact your Bottom Line.

The company has provided software services to the audiology world for over 25 years and is the dominant player for Patient Management within the public health service in Europe. While they are primarily a software firm, and very proud of it, they are also a provider of audiology testing equipment such as the Primus Audiometer. They have used their learning experience and an in-depth research and innovation programme to deliver a Patient Management system for Private Audiology called Strato. You know the old Remington line, I liked the product so much I bought the company? Well yes, unfortunately, I am broke right, but if anyone feels like starting a go fund me page????

Having become familiar with their systems I can see how they offer massive benefits to diverse Practice set-ups from a single branch, through multiple branches, to multi-national businesses. It truly is an adaptive system offering diverse solutions which can help the bottom line.

Imagine being able to understand how each and every testing process had an effect on your bottom line?

Joined Up Commercial Thinking for Audiology

What really struck me when I began to explore the different facets of their offerings was the joined-up thinking that they have used. Each of the different products they offer is outstanding in their own right and offer real benefits to a Private Practice. However, when they are used together, they offer so much more than their singular parts.  So, I was fascinated and impressed, let me explain why. At this stage, if you have been reading any of my stuff for long, you will know that I am a data junkie. I have always believed that sound commercial decisions can only be made on solid data, the more the merrier. Audidata systems offer real-world data like never before, all the way down to the granular level. I am really excited about the stuff this company offers and here is why.

Integrated Patient Management

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The Strato system is an integrated Patient Management system that offers complete management of Patient data including testing processes, fitting processes and aftercare processes. It also offers financials and full and seamless integration with Noah. And I do mean full and seamless integration. All Noah activities undertaken are viewable in the Patient management screen and singular Noah applications can be opened from there.

That isn't something you can do with many other systems. The system offers a powerful scheduler screen which can be controlled by clinic location or individual dispenser. The schedule also has an integrated SMS function which allows a text reminder to be sent to the Patient. The system is relatively easy and intuitive to use, in essence, if you have used Microsoft products, well then the Stratos system should be self-explanatory almost. All of the different features are modular, so if you don't want one, you simply don't pay for it. However, the true power of the system is with all the modules working together.

Strato Client Screen

Data Opportunities

As an integral part of the Strato system, there is an explore feature which allows in-depth analytics of data. It will deliver management analytics that focuses on typical KPIs within the sector. It will allow you to dive down in order that you can understand conversion rates, pre-fit cancellation rates, post-fit cancellation rates, average selling price etc etc. The same data filtering can also help you with your marketing activities, filtering down to your targeted prospective audience and allowing easy integration with Microsoft word documents to run mail marketing or e-mail marketing campaigns.

It will allow you to dive down in order that you can understand conversion rates, pre-fit cancellation rates, post-fit cancellation rates, average selling price etc etc

The level of data that is available is a nerd dream, it really fascinated me how granular the level of data could be. The key here is that data is king, any commercial decision within an organisation that is made without solid data is just a guess and no more. This system offers real ease of use for frontline staff, easy administration management for management staff and amazing data analytics. In its own right, this system is outstanding, however, when joined to the company's Primus system, the opportunities for understanding how processes and procedures affect the bottom line are flabbergasting.

An In-depth Audiometer System

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As I said, the company also offers audiological equipment, one of their audiometers is an in-depth system named Primus. The system is a completely modular software system that connects drives their Primus hardware. Primus offers tests like pure-tone audiology, speech audiology, free-field systems, real ear measurements and speech mapping.

Again, as with the Strato system, everything is modular, if you don't want it, you simply don't pay for it. The way they have built the system means that there is also no calibration downtime. The calibration all the calibration information is stored in the plug of each transducer. To calibrate the system, just switch to a new set of transducers, simply no downtime.

Primus Pro

Fully Noah Integrated

As you would expect, the Primus system is fully Noah integrated. It is also a very easy system to use. The Audidata designers keep the interfaces of their different products similar in nature, offering an easy to use and intuitive experience.

As I said earlier, each of the company's products is pretty damn solid in their own right. The Primus is an excellent Audiometer that provides an in-depth testing protocol with excellent mobility. Again though, as I alluded to earlier, when you put these bad boys together, outstanding magic happens!

Integrated Business Data

I am a proponent of the best practices argument, so we should test and fit Patients using the latest and best practices including quick-sin, verification and validation of fit. There is hard study data out there that shows us that this is the way for us to ensure success.

Imagine being able to understand how each process had an effect on your bottom line? Imagine being able to get hard data on how quick-sin testing affected conversion? Imagine being able to get hard data on how speech mapping verification affected post-fit cancellation? Imagine being able to understand how time spent on each testing process affected conversion and cancellation rates?

This is the true beauty of the Audidata system, as I said, each individual product offers outstanding benefits to a Practice. But when you combine them, they offer true, in-depth data that allows valid data-driven commercial decisions to be made. Commercial decisions that will affect your bottom line.

Patient Management and Testing Systems With Ease of Use Combined With In-depth Data Analytics

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