GN ReSound Introduces First Made for iPhone Accessory & Accompanying App

“GN ReSound Leads the Hearing Aid Industry’s Wireless Revolution with the First Made for iPhone Accessory & Accompanying App”

By Geoffrey Cooling

Resound made for iPhoneFresh off the presses folks, Resound has disseminated a press release pertaining to the venture into made for iPhone aids. A new Phone Clip and accompanying app are the first in a series of releases to come. You can read the press release below.



The new ReSound UniteTM Phone Clip+ does more than enable hands free telephone. It works with the ReSound Control™ app to control hearing aids from an iPhone, and streams stereo music to hearing aids.

Bloomington, MN, January 9, 2013 – – For the first time ever, hearing-aided people can use an iPhone to control their hearing aids in a manner that is elegant, intuitive, and best of all – absolutely discreet.

ReSound Control is a free download on the App StoreTM which extends and enhances the use of the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+. Users can control their hearing aids, phone conversations and wireless streaming accessories from their iPhone screen. No more fumbling behind the ear. No more toggling through programs. No more wishing it wasn’t so noticeable to use a hearing aid. All these benefits packed into the iPhone users already carry with them. Soon to be available for AndroidTM smartphones as well.

Made for iPhone accessory designed for active hearing aid users
For active, hearing-aided people who rely on telephone communication, the ReSound Control app is only one of many great Phone Clip+ features. Attractive and easy to operate, the Phone Clip+ uses any Bluetooth®-enabled telephone to transform hearing aids into telephone headsets. It clips directly onto clothing, offering hands free telephony and enabling hearing-aided people to enjoy benefits many take for granted, like driving safely or using a computer while talking on the phone.

The Phone Clip+ solves real needs in everyday life. “Feedback from customers has given us invaluable information,” says product manager Peter Albarts, “and enabled us to make a product that supports the way people use their mobile phones.” Since people will wear it all day, the Phone Clip+ includes simple remote control of the hearing instrument even if they don’t have an iPhone or Android smartphone. It streams stereo quality music from their phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player like an iPod touch®. And for those times when hearing on the phone is difficult due to high background noise – like a busy sidewalk — it has a microphone mute button* so people can turn off their hearing aid microphones and concentrate on their phone conversation.

A part of the ReSound hearing system
ReSound offers the industry’s most complete and advanced wireless hearing system. ReSound Unite wireless accessories are designed to compensate for difficult hearing situations encountered by hearing-aided people, like participating in a conversation without needing to look at the conversation partner. Or in the case of the Phone Clip+, allowing people hands free telephone use, remote control and music streaming. All ReSound Unite wireless accessories utilize ReSound’s ground-breaking use of 2.4GHz technology to deliver clear and secure audio streamed directly to ReSound VersoTM – ReSound’s newest family of premium hearing aids – or any other ReSound wireless hearing instrument.

Gian Carlo Sciuchetti, Global Marketing Sr. Vice President says: “The ReSound Unite Phone Clip+ is another example of GN ReSound leading the wireless revolution based on our breakthrough 2.4GHz technology. With it, we are dramatically expanding opportunities to communicate, interact and stay connected in a world of rapidly evolving technology.”

*Full functionality available with ReSound Verso™ wireless hearing instruments.

The trademarks listed are owned and used by The GN ReSound Group and its related affiliates. Apple, iPhone and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc..

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