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But Don’t Rush To Claim Yours Yet

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Google has announced that they are going to launch vanity URLs for Google+. I would have to agree with the general consensus among marketers that it is about time. Up to now your Google+ profile has been identified by an indecipherable number.

Mine is 100410169393907495854, doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue does it? The introduction of the vanity URL will allow me to change that to Geoff Cooling. Something a little easier to tell someone and for them to remember.

Why is this important, purely for online branding reasons and also for your online audiology marketing strategy. You can formulate the same vanity URL across all your social media channels. Facebook, Twitter and soon Google+.

How soon is another thing though, they have announced that they are only making it available to a select few. I have a feeling I amn’t on that list! They have not said when they will roll it out to the rest of us mere mortals.

When they do, I would advise you to grab yours, it will help with your continuity of brand across your online marketing strategy.



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