Patient Reminders Software, an excellent potential Patient Retention Tool

Patient Reminders Software, Increasing Customer Engagement & Retention For Your Practice.


2011-08-09_1421I recently undertook a post on a blog that I manage for my employer on a piece of software named Patient Reminders. It is a piece of software that can be deployed as part of a practice management suite that I really feel could deliver real benefit to any Health Practice in their Practice Management Strategy.

The software is named Patient Reminders and is deployed as a net based system. I believe the software has the ability to be extremely beneficial to any Health Practice organization. The software can be deployed in a way that will bring both tactical and long term strategic benefits to any Practice Management operations.

I feel that the deployment of the system will allow:

· Increased Patient/customer engagement

· Better compliance in appointment fulfilment

· Ongoing marketing opportunities

· Increased Patient Retention

The system is an automated sms reminder system, designed for and deployed by drug research companies for use in clinical trials, it is designed to remind Patients of follow up appointments, the metered taking of particular experimental drugs and the recording of their Patient Diary. The software can be adapted for any Health Practices’ purposes either as standalone independents or national multi outlet brands. I think a well designed deployment of the system can be utilised to encourage:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Patient/Customer Loyalty
  • Patient/Customer Retention.

The idea in deployment would be to automate a schedule of text messages to be delivered, the core content of the text messages would be automated appointment reminders to assist in your set Patient journey/follow up schedule. This should and could include initial test appointments and no sale follow up messages.  You can also utilise the text messaging service as part of your standard marketing endeavours, notifying Patients of relevant offers or ongoing campaigns, carefully customised to them.

Increasing Appointment Compliance by 40%?

It also has the benefit of cutting down on paper use and postage costs, you can also be reasonably sure that your carefully designed message is in fact been read by your target audience. I read an interesting statistic recently that has real bearing on our industry among many others. It stated that in the US up to 44% of direct marketing mail went unread? I also noted with interest while I was researching this software, a study released by the NHS that stated that compliance with appointments had increased by 40% with the introduction of an automated sms reminder system.


That Study Data Can Be Downloaded Here Text Messaging in Healthcare

The following is a brief outline of the Patient Reminders system from the company who provides it


Patient Reminders is a simple, secure, web form for practitioners or patients to:

  • Register hearing aid device serial numbers for warranty protection
  • Opt in to receive perfectly timed SMS and/or email reminders to return for a hearing aid service or test at the correct interval
  • Be updated on special offers or new products and be motivated to book a demonstration

Only very basic information is needed on the web form:

  • Device type from a prepared pick-list
  • Serial number
  • Date of fitting/supply from calendar picker
  • Practitioner from prepared pick-list
  • Cell phone and or email
  • First name
  • Country and language from pick-lists

From the date of fitting, the system automatically builds the perfect visit schedule. Messages are sent to patients at the correct time in the local language and font. Languages such as Hebrew, Russian and Chinese are supported as standard making it a global solution. The solution can be designed to include the Practitioners/Retailers name, website and phone number within the message sign-off, ensuring complete ease of use, encouraging the patient to call and book the appointment or product demonstration.

The data is encrypted and secured on the Patient Reminders servers. This solution has been designed for the clinical trials industry. They are HIPPA, EU privacy Directive, Safe Harbor and CAN SPAM compliant. Data is never shared or divulged.

The benefits include:

  • Making it easy for patients to reach back to practitioners
  • Increased hearing aid device service and maintenance routines
  • Elegant communications keeping customers happy and showing we care
  • Gentle reminders at the optimal time to book new product demonstrations
  • Increase customer loyalty and generate repeat sales

Patient Reminders can be viewed at

Patient Reminders

I don’t always plug other people, its hard to fit it in around me telling you how wonderful I am! But I think that this software could be of real value to Health Practices of all kinds. Let me know what you think,


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