Your Consultation, Have You Looked At It Lately?

Now More Than Ever, You Need To Assess Your Consultation Regularly

I wrote a post last year in relation to consultation Practice. It actually caused a bit of a furore because it offended some with its sales reference. This was actually quite nice for two reasons. It meant that people were reading the blog and they took it seriously enough to be annoyed.

I stand by every word I said in that article, reading it the other night I thought that the points made in the article are more valid now. With both internal and external pressures on our profession we have to establish our worth in the process of hearing better. Not just establish our worth but establish beyond doubt that we are central to the process.

How can we do this, we could lobby, release statements and discuss our position in the process at every level. We need to do this and I think representative organisations will do exactly that. However, you, the healthcare provider can do as much or even more every day. Through your consultation and your on-going care and service you can establish not just yourself, but our profession in that position.

That is why you need to regularly assess your consultation. Your consultation is probably the first time that your prospective Patients get a sense of you as a healthcare professional. Maybe the first time they get a sense of our part in the process of hearing better.

How important then do you think your consultation process is?

You can read the article in .pdf format below, I hope you may re-consider it in the light of recent events around our profession. I also hope that the article is of value to you in the assessment of your consultation.



 The Consultation Why When And How

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