The Use Of Video As Part Of Your Audiology Practice Marketing

The Invisible Hearing Aid In Ireland, Leveraging keywords for Value as part of your Audiology Practice Marketing Strategy

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One of my customers, Celtic Hearing, has just deployed two new video adverts as part of their Audiology Practice Marketing. They will be used in a TV Campaign that they are about to launch. However, alongside the television advertising they are planning an online campaign. As part of that online campaign they have posted the two adverts to YouTube.

The adverts have been designed and deployed in fact to take advantage of the search terms they want to target. The adverts will also be used on their website, which already gets more than a few hits a month. Chris and his team are forward looking and willing to innovate when it comes to their Audiology Practice marketing strategy.

They have seen some pretty excellent results from their digital marketing strategy. As part of their Audiology Practice Marketing they believe it is essential. They like me believe that it is a growing necessity to deploy a smart digital strategy. Here is the adverts, what do you think?

Advert Link Here

Would you, or are you deploying video as part of your digital marketing strategy? Do You think it will add value to your Audiology Practice Marketing?



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  1. Geoffrey,

    I wrote a blog post recently about how audiology practices can use video to help promote and humanize their brands, check it out:

    It’s about using video in a slightly different way, not for SEO or to draw the customer to your website but to convince a customer who has already arrived on your website that your practice is friendly, trustworthy and the best place to go to get your hearing checked.

    Love to know what you think.


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