Rayovac inward investment to research centre

A recent press release from Rayovac details a massive new investment in a new technology centre. The press release can be read below.


A $10 million state-of-the-art technological centre is set to spearhead ground-breaking advancements in technology for the world’s number one selling hearing aid battery manufacturer, Rayovac.

As part of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc., Rayovac will benefit significantly from the investment into the new Spectrum Brands Institute of Design and Technology, where the new building will include a space for the development of Rayovac’s cutting edge zinc air technology and other innovations. The new Institute of Design and Technology, based in the USA, will provide an additional 20 per cent more space than the prior facility devoted to research, innovation and new product development.

The company will also benefit from leading design and development expertise, continuing the advancement of its innovative hearing aid battery range and supporting its continuous lead in new battery development, manufacturing powerful and long lasting products.

As an exporter to over 100 countries across the globe, the developments for Rayovac will help to support hearing patients across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Speaking about the exciting new innovations the new technology institute will explore and develop, Glen Rutherford, General Manager at Rayovac, said: “The new Institute of Design and Technology represents an exciting step forward for Spectrum Brands and Rayovac is set to hugely benefit from the multi-million dollar investment.

“Over 100 years’ of history and innovation has seen Rayovac lead the way in quality, service and value for retailers and consumers across the world. The significant investment made by the company demonstrates its absolute commitment to continue the growth and development of new and existing product lines, and ultimately exceed customer expectations in the 21st Century.

“Millions of hearing aid battery users from across the globe are set to now benefit from the technological advancements. As our continuous sales growth across global export markets demonstrates, demand for Rayovac products is high and we’re excited to take this next step forward for hearing aid users, the environment and the global healthcare industry as a whole.”

The investment also marks an exciting period of time for Rayovac as it celebrates recognition in a string of prestigious international business awards, including:

·         The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for two successive years.

·         The EEF North East Outstanding Export Award at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2012.

·         Eco-Product of the Year and Eco-Efficiency Initiative of the Year for its mercury-free hearing aid batteries at the 2012 In Business Sustainability Awards.

·         Exporters Award at the ‘Made in the North East Awards’.
For more information about Rayovac, visit www.rayovac.eu or visit Rayovac on Twitter @HearwithRayovac or HearingwithRayovac on Facebook.


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