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Recent article in ENT & Audiology News

By Geoffrey Cooling

I was recently very honoured to be asked to write an article for an unusual edition of ENT & Audiology News. I had to check twice they had the right guy. When they indeed confirmed it was me they were looking for. I assumed that the Editorial team had been incapacitated and a fifteen year old had taken over. Of course Coolings have never been known to show mercy to a moment of weakness, so I submitted the following article.

Much to my surprise it appeared in the November/December issue of the ENT & Audiology News. So I hadn’t been the target of an elaborate hoax. Miller, you can’t turn your back on him! You can read the article on the attached PDF that the Editorial team have kindly supplied.




  1. Great article, Geoff! Now I can say I knew you when….. 🙂

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