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Patient Retention In A Modern Hearing Healthcare Practice

Patient Retention E-Book

Patient Retention e-bookI wrote this e-book quite a while ago, many of you may have already read it. I decided to post the link here for those who may not have. The book covers applying commercial strategy to a hearing healthcare practice, with the sole goal of Patient Retention in mind.

Most of you who have read my stuff know by now that I rate Patient Retention above any other strategy. I believe that Patient Retention leads to Patient Referral. Patient Referral is a gift to your Practice. It is absolute gold.

A Patient Referral is nearly almost a closed sale, how much would you pay for a lead like that. In fact have you thought about how much your leads are costing you? More importantly what are the quality of those leads?

Patient Referral leads are always of high quality and they nearly always are cost neutral to your Practice. Unless of course you have deployed a Referral Program.

Referral Programs

Referral programs can be a great thing for a Practice, however, before you deploy one you need to consider your Patients. A referral program formalises a reward scheme, you give us business, we give you reward.

Will this type of scheme actually put off some of your Patients? It is a tricky one and probably one you are better armed to consider. They are your Patients and you probably know them best.

If you are not going to formalise a reward scheme, ensure that you do make a thank you gesture. That thank you gesture can be anything from a set of cinema tickets right through to a voucher for meal. I am not talking McDonalds here ladies and gentlemen!

No matter what you do, ensure that the reward, formalised or no, is accompanied by a handwritten thank you card. There is nothing like getting a hand written thank you card to make somebody come over all warm and fuzzy.



The e-book can be downloaded by clicking the link below, download it, have a read and give me some feedback in the comments if you would be so kind.

E-Book: Patient Retention In A Modern Hearing Healthcare Practice

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