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Online Audiology Marketing Is nearly always free

You want to eat, you have to undertake marketing. Pretty simple fact really, marketing your business is something you can’t avoid. But what channels will you use in order that potential customers find you? Have you thought about on-line audiology marketing channels?

Whether you run a Practice with a massive marketing budget or little to no budget at all, you still need people to know about the products and services you supply. So lets look at the more traditional marketing channels for a moment.

Television adverts are particularly costly and are really of only any use if you can target geographically. Radio adverts are pricy enough and I have heard mixed results from differing people. Traditional print advertising provides exposure, but it tends to come with a hefty enough price tag for something decent. It also seems to be of a hit and miss nature in the recent past.

Leveraging on-line marketing channels is largely free. Free is a wonderful word really, I come over all warm and fuzzy when I hear it. In this case free does not mean ineffective. On-line marketing channels are effective if deployed properly, I use mine everyday. My success is qualified by the fact you are reading this article. So get out there

  • Add your business to an on-line forum
  • Start a Twitter account
  • Start a Facebook Page

Here are more ways to market your business for free.

Getting Social

Facebook and Twitter accounts are a pretty much a must for any Practice. Its relatively easy for a Practice to set up free accounts on each social networking site. YouTube is another great site, it is fantastic for sharing how-to videos for your products. Using LinkedIn, you can set up a company page for your business. This strategy will help you leverage these online marketing channels in order that your business website site appears in search engines.

Leverage Another Site

There are a range of sites that  businesses can use to drive traffic to their websites. On Squidoo you can post articles on topics that relate to our industry. HubPages is another good site for posting about topics around the industry.

Claim Your Place

If you are a bricks-and-mortar Practice, set up profiles on location-based sites like Foursquare and Google Places. Offer special deals on Foursquare for people who check in to your location to encourage people to visit your shop.

You Got To Blog

You really need to think about starting a blog. You can set up a blog on your own domain or you can start a free blog using Blogger or WordPress? Use the blog to discuss topics around your Practice and the profession. Ensure that you design the posts to drive traffic and then linkback to your website. The more content you put out, the better search engines love you.

Claim your business listing

Search for places where you can post your business listings for free. Undertake a Google search for “Free Ads” or “Business Forums.” Once you have the results, start listing your business on each site with backlinks to your business website. It may be a bit time consuming but it is worth it in the long run.

Consider posting to other sites

You have expertise, and an in-depth knowledge base around your profession. Consider writing articles for sites, like DocStoc, ArticleAlley, ArticleDashboard, and EzineArticles. Your knowledge and expertise is a key selling point. Share it, and leverage it along with a link to your site.

Email, its more valid than ever

Ask visitors to your site to become subscribers of your online newsletter, you can offer something of value, like a free e-book or report. An online newsletter is an easy way to keep your Practice on the mind of your customer. You can easily do this using a free newsletter service like MailChimp. I came across a brilliant site the other day called Smore which also allows you design flyers or newsletters for free.

There are many free or nearly free marketing tools you can use online. PRWeb, an online press release site of some standing, offers free press releases during some promotions. Keep an eye on their site, but have something interesting ready to go.

The online world is there to be utilised for the benefit of your business, you just need to use it.



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